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[What will happen to textile enterprises in the market that has not been encountered for decades?]
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This year's market has never been encountered in the textile industry for decades, and textile people will also encounter some situations that have never been encountered before.

1. Orders everywhere! Backlog of demand urgently needs to be released

The first is the backlog of orders. When it comes to the textile market in 2019, most textile people will say that there are too few orders, and that large orders are not enough. All are small batches, multiple batches, not much profit, but a lot of energy.

After the start of the year, this situation may change.

On the one hand, during the one month period when the textile industry in China was affected by the epidemic, the demand in the domestic trade market was reduced because the people of the country "squat at home," but the demand in the foreign trade market did not change significantly. At this stage is the time when the market gradually starts in the first half of each year. Whether it is the stocking demand of traders or the accumulated foreign trade orders in the previous period, it is a real demand.

On the other hand, Sino-U.S. Trade frictions have gradually eased. The United States has halved the tariffs on 30 million US dollars of products. The recovery of the U.S. market is definitely a major plus for the textile market.

So overall, in the next period of time, there are absolutely no shortage of orders on the market.

2. Opportunities are accompanied by risks.

Under the new situation of the epidemic situation, the operation of China's textile industry has been affected, but the purpose of high-quality development of the industry will not change, and the trend of intelligent development will not change. In the short term, enterprises will face problems such as shortage of consumption, unclear price expectations, low logistics efficiency, and large capital chain risks. In the face of challenges, enterprises should scientifically judge market trends, pay attention to the price trends of raw materials and products in a timely manner, and balance supply and marketing. Manage inventory, do not drive up prices, do not hoard inventory, and maintain the smooth operation of the industry; at the same time, ensure the health and safety of the capital chain. For new project investment, companies need to take advantage of the situation and take advantage of the situation according to the macro situation and epidemic situation.

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