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  • There are several points to pay attention to in th[2023/5/23]
    A detailed understanding of the polypropylene staple fiber in the production of the problems that may occur, can be very good to ensure the production of polypropylene staple fiber product quality.First of all, we should have some understanding of polypropylene staple fiber products, polypropylene staple fiber is polypropylene PP as raw material through melt spinning, drafting, curling, heat setting, cut off a kind of short fiber.Second polypropylene staple fiber has what superior performance. Polypropylene staple fiber has excellent moisture conductivity and fast drying, good cardin......[ Read More ]
    What is the outstanding characteristic of polyprop[2023/5/23]
    We all know that polypropylene staple fiber will be used in all walks of life, widely used in geotextile, non-woven fabric, nonwoven fabric, wool, polypropylene yarn, carpet and other textile industry. So where are the characteristics of polypropylene staple fiber outstanding?Polypropylene staple fiber has excellent moisture conductivity and flexibility, excellent mesh and carding properties, as well as excellent thermal adhesion.Polypropylene staple fiber is light, with a density of 0.9 ~ 0.92 g/cm3, which is the lightest of all synthetic fibers. It is 20% lighter than polyamide fiber, 30% li......[ Read More ]
    Textile chemical fiber light red, or will increase[2023/5/16]
    In some provinces, as the double control of energy consumption is still a red light warning, production restriction measures will be introduced for some energy-consuming industries to ensure the completion of the annual double control indicators. In addition, due to the tight time and heavy tasks, relatively severe measures may appear, which may further aggravate the price rise of the entire textile industry chain.On the other hand, it will be more and more obvious in the future that energy consumption index will become the core bottleneck factor restricting the expansion of new capacity. Sinc......[ Read More ]
    "Carbon tariff" is about to be implemented, will b[2023/5/9]
    After nearly two years of negotiations, the European Parliament has formally approved the EU's Carbon Border Regulation Mechanism (CBAM) after a vote. This means that the world's first carbon import tax will soon be in place, with the CBAM bill taking effect in 2026.Our country will face a new round of trade protectionismUnder the influence of the global financial crisis, a new round of trade protectionism appears on the rise, and China, as the world's largest export country, has suffered greatly.If Europe and the United States use climate and environmental issues to impose "c......[ Read More ]
    How many categories can polypropylene staple fiber[2023/5/9]
    Polypropylene staple fiber is made of polypropylene as raw material through melting, drawing, spinning, cutting and other processes. In the process of making polypropylene staple fiber, functional masterbatch can be added according to the needs, such as anti-aging masterbatch, flame retardant masterbatch, etc., to increase the performance of polypropylene staple fiber. Polypropylene staple fiber for felt is specially used to make felt polypropylene staple fiber for filter materials.Polypropylene staple fiber according to the specifications of natural fibers can be divided into cotton type, woo......[ Read More ]
    "Textile and Garment Enterprises Travel to Wuhan" [2023/4/18]
    On April 14th, Science and Technology Bureau of Xinyang City, special class of Fashion textile industry chain and Science and Technology Market of Xinyang City jointly organized the "textile and Garment Enterprise trip to Wuhan" scientific and technological achievements docking activity. Huangchuan Shengyu Garment Science and Technology Co., LTD., Henan Yucheng Textile Co., LTD., Henan Jiajing Renewable Resources Co., LTD. And other enterprises technical leaders and scientific and technological achievements transformation liaison line more than 20 people participated.In Wuhan Textile......[ Read More ]
    The use of these industries of polypropylene stapl[2023/4/18]
    Polypropylene staple fiber has excellent moisture conductivity, flexibility, mesh and carding properties, excellent thermal adhesion. Polypropylene fiber has high strength, strong crimp elasticity, light weight, low melting point, good surface permeability, acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance than other fibers. Polypropylene staple fiber can be used in what fields?Polypropylene staple fiber is reflected in these industries1. Used in paper industryThe application of polypropylene staple fiber in the field of dry papermaking is mainly to produce puffed soft paper. Expanded soft paper,......[ Read More ]
    "Number" and "wisdom" of Jiangxi Unicom Enable the[2023/4/11]
    Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released a list of "three products" strategic demonstration cities for the consumer goods industry in 2022. Qingshanhu District of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province made the list for its characteristics and advantages in the textile and apparel industry, making the regional brand "Qingshanhu Knitwear" once again in the public spotlight."Three export shirts, one from Qingshan Lake." From this "jargon" in the garment purchasing circle, it is not difficult to see the status and influence of the modern k......[ Read More ]
    Static resistance analysis of polypropylene staple[2023/4/11]
    There are many kinds of polypropylene staple fiber in the use of antistatic agents, simply use ionic property to divide several types, and these types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, the antistatic effect of anionic type is poor, and its water solubility is good, easy to be washed off, so the durability is poor; Cationic type has good antistatic effect and good smoothness and absorption. But toxic, corrosive, most used for surface finishing, although both amphoteric type antistatic performance, but at high temperature is easy to fade, the price is more expensive.And nonio......[ Read More ]
    The self-sufficiency rate of textile equipment in [2023/4/4]
    More than 80 percent of China's textile equipment is self-supplying, and more than 50 percent of key basic parts of high-end equipment are domestically produced, Sun Ruizhe, president of the China National Textile Industry Council, said Wednesday. Relying on China Hengtian, a subsidiary of China National Machinery Group, China National Textile Industry Council will build "Advanced Textile Machinery Innovation Consortium", further integrate industrial resources, implement industrial base reconstruction projects and key technical equipment projects, and promote high-quality develop......[ Read More ]
    Polypropylene staple fiber subsist during will mee[2023/4/4]
    The production process of polypropylene staple fiber seems simple and convenient, but in fact, if the operation is slightly wrong, it will have a great impact on the finished product, such as the problem of excessive elongation of polypropylene staple fiber. What problems can you meet in the production of polypropylene short fiber maintenance?In spinning, it has been found that the strength of yarn after blending is poor, such as the quality index of pure polypropylene fiber 2808, polypropylene 50% cotton blend index 1950, polypropylene 50% cotton blend index 2193,215 pure cotton quality index......[ Read More ]
    Traditional textile industry to high-end intellige[2023/3/28]
    March 27, 2023, Nantong Dongyi "Full Production Appreciation Meeting and Product Recommendation Meeting" was successfully held in China Nantong Hai 'an Science and Technology Demonstration Park. The event invited Zhang Standing Committee and Director of Hai 'an Municipal Government, President Chen and Director Li Bo of China National Textile Industry Council, President Sun Bo of Agricultural Bank of China Nantong Branch, and partners and suppliers of garment and textile enterprises, a total of more than 100 people gathered in Dongyi to discuss the development trend of the ind......[ Read More ]
    Polypropylene staple fiber product advantage[2023/3/28]
    The production of polypropylene staple fiber is generally completed by larger petrochemical enterprises, chemical fiber plants are basically using polypropylene slicing spinning. Polypropylene staple fiber scientific name polypropylene fiber, also known as "Meracan" "Paan" abroad.The density of polypropylene staple fiber is low in the ordinary textile fiber, only 0.918g/cm3. It is lighter than water, almost hygroscopic, difficult to stain, and incomplete chromatography. But it has good core suction; Good strength, elasticity, wear resistance, strength and nylon, polyes......[ Read More ]
    Grab the digital tuyere Nanchang textile industry [2023/3/21]
    Modern knitting industry is one of the four traditional industries of Nanchang City. In recent years, the modern knitwear industry in Nanchang City has seized the tuyere of the digital era and stimulated the new vitality of the traditional industry through digital technologies such as "Internet +" and "5G+", thus stepping into the "fast lane" of industrial digital transformation and upgrading. A series of reports "The project is the first to work hard, race against the clock and fight against the economy" aired on 18 "grab the digital tuyere Nanchan......[ Read More ]
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