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  • Polypropylene staple fibers come in several types[2022/7/5]
    Polypropylene staple fiber to the specification of natural fiber, pp staple fiber can be divided into cotton, wool, carpet and medium length staple fiber. They can be spun pure or blended with different proportions of natural fibers or other fibers to make strips, fabrics and felts. For example, the general grade asphalt carbon fiber was cut into 150mm length, 15μm diameter, 800MPa strength, 41GPa modulus of carbon fiber, and phenolic carbon fiber (length 70mm, 200MPa strength, 14μm diameter) in a ratio of 8:2, to produce stable and uniform yarn. Woven into a variety of shapes of fabric or cut......[ Read More ]
    Polyester faucet reduces production, weaves compre[2022/7/5]
    Prices continue to decline, polyester enterprise stock appreciation dividend since may disappear, and rapid depreciation pressure, and low production and sales, polyester inventory rapidly accumulating, industry inventory back to a month or more high level, the second half will have to increase price promotions, filament prices quickly fell one thousand yuan of above.High inventory of polyester enterprises, especially leading enterprises, increase pressure to reduce production again. Polyester end is under pressure, some polyester factories again to reduce production to solve their own high in......[ Read More ]
    12 chemical fiber industry leaders gathered, what [2022/6/28]
    Recently, a special symposium on chemical fiber industry in Zhejiang province organized by zhejiang Department of Economics and Information attracted attention. The meeting gathered the "four major families" of Chemical fiber in China: xiaoshan Rongsheng and Hengyi, Tongxiang Tongkun and Xinfengming; Polyester industrial silk leading enterprises: Ancient fiber path green fiber, Hailide New Materials, Yufu High-tech fiber shares; Recycling polyester leading enterprises: Haili Environmental Protection, Gaeli New Materials, Benma Chemical fiber; Nylon civil silk one of three: Huading ny......[ Read More ]
    Polypropylene staple fiber is widely used in paper[2022/6/28]
    Polypropylene staple fiber is made of high quality polypropylene raw material after high temperature melting by spinneret and external annular transverse blowing system composed of spinneret system spinning into silk, and then by falling bucket, drafting, crimping, cutting and other processes.At present, pp staple fiber is mainly used in papermaking (paper fiber), nonwoven and construction (engineering fiber) industry. Today xiaobian on the use of polypropylene staple fiber in paper industry.Polyester and polypropylene staple fiber abroad are widely used as raw materials for papermaking. The a......[ Read More ]
    To "weave" on the national well-known industrial c[2022/6/22]
    Chain length enterprises become the powerful engine of regional industry development. In order to cultivate and form the national famous silk textile microfiber industrial cluster, Liutuan Town of Changyi City ramps the industrial foundation, further amplifies the industrial advantages, speeds up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, actively plans the new development pattern at the new starting point, and strives to build the national silk textile microfiber industry strong town.June 17, weifang Hongfeng new material Co., Ltd. production workshop, printing machines and other produc......[ Read More ]
    Polypropylene staple fibers can be used in these f[2022/6/22]
    Polypropylene staple fiberwith polypropylene resin as the main raw material, after melting spinning, drafting, crimping, drying shaping cut off, packaging and other processes of color and colorless, regulated number and length of the fluffy fiber. So polypropylene staple fiber can be used in what fields?1. Used in paper industryThe application of polypropylene staple fiber in dry papermaking is mainly to produce expanded soft paper. Expanded soft paper, also known as dust-free paper, is a new disposable sanitary material, which can be made into high-density dust-free paper absorption core mate......[ Read More ]
    The key common technology of flame retardant fiber[2022/6/14]
    On June 9th, in the main control room of the pilot test base of the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center, Xu Yonghua, an engineer sitting in front of the screen, reported the operation status of the equipment through the walkie-talkie. The final stage of the joint test is expected to be officially put into use by the end of June.The National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center is the 13th and the first national-level innovation center led by a private enterprise in the country. . At present, a technical innovation supply system supported by key laboratories, pilot bases......[ Read More ]
    Spinning raw material requirements for ultra-fine [2022/6/14]
    The spinning process of ultra-fine polypropylene staple fiber should be determined according to the raw material. The length of the raw material used for spinning of ultra-fine polypropylene staple fiber is cotton, so cotton spinning system is used for spinning.         When processing polypropylene staple fibers, it is easy to generate static electricity and cause sticking. It can be suitable for wetting and oiling during mixing to reduce the friction factor of the fiber surface. Effective anti-sticking measures should be adopted, and the cleaning process should reduc......[ Read More ]
    Feicheng Textile and Apparel Industry Chain Specia[2022/6/7]
    Since the establishment of the special class for the textile and garment industry chain in Feicheng City, Tai'an, we have conscientiously implemented various work arrangements for the construction of a new industrialized and strong city in Feicheng City, closely combined with the "I do practical things for the enterprise" activity, and strived to be a good service for the development of enterprises. Waiters, instructors and policy advocates.In order to serve the overall situation of Feicheng's new industrialization and strong city construction, and further do a good job of &q......[ Read More ]
    There are four points for the excellent performanc[2022/6/7]
    The excellent performance of polypropylene staple fiber is reflected in the following four points, let's take a look:1. Polypropylene staple fiber has excellent moisture conductivity, flexibility, web-forming cardability, and excellent thermal adhesion.2. Polypropylene staple fiber is light in texture and has a density of 0.9-0.92g/cm3, which is the lightest among all synthetic fibers. 20% lighter than polyamide fiber, 30% lighter than polyester fiber, 40% lighter than viscose fiber; high strength (same dry and wet state), good abrasion resistance and resilience; antibacterial, no mold, no......[ Read More ]
    There are many characteristics of polypropylene st[2022/5/31]
    Polypropylene staple fiber characteristics: polypropylene staple fiber density is small, light, can float on the water; Polypropylene colored yarn has high strength and strong tensile resistance. Polypropylene short fiber has a certain acid and alkali corrosion resistance, even if immersed in the sea water inside do not worry; Its hygroscopicity is small, almost no hygroscopicity; Polypropylene staple fiber is an environmentally friendly and pollution-free product.Polypropylene staple fiber is made of polypropylene as raw material through melting, drafting, spinning and cutting. In the product......[ Read More ]
    Stable Enterprise Strong Confidence Keqiao strongl[2022/5/31]
    On the morning of May 28, Chen Hao, the secretary of the district committee, investigated the work of the restoration market in the light textile market. He emphasized that the fifteen -character policy is strictly in accordance with the requirements of "the epidemic must prevent, the economy must be stabilized, and the development must be safe", efficiently coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic and the development of economic and social development, and effectively promote the market for the market. 2. Promote the stability of the economy and improve quality, and ens......[ Read More ]
    Taking "green fiber" as the medium, the chain driv[2022/5/24]
    In 2020, Xinxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone and Shaoxing Keqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone have launched heavy-weight cooperation between the two national economic and technological development zones, which led to the cooperation between the two parties. "Matchmaker" is a green fiber from the Green Fiber Professional Park of Xinxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone.The textile and garment industry is one of the advantageous traditional industries in Xinxiang. In recent years, Xinxiang Economic and Technological Development Zone has given......[ Read More ]
    Using polypropylene staple fiber to produce vehicl[2022/5/24]
    Polypropylene staple fibers are mainly used in needle-punched carpets, automotive interiors, non-woven fabrics, ropes, decorative materials, medical and health care products, etc. Short fibers are also called cut fibers. Long bundles of chemical fibers are cut or drawn into fibers of equal length to various natural fibers. Natural fibers such as whiskers and asbestos can also be used. The length of the short fibers is generally 35 to 150 mm. According to the specifications of natural fibers, it can be divided into cotton, wool, carpet and medium and short fibers. They can be spun pure or blend......[ Read More ]
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