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  • Polypropylene staple fiber is suitable for all kin[2020/9/23]
    polypropylene staple fiber is suitable for all kinds of needle punched non-woven fabricsThe main characteristics of polypropylene staple fiber are: light texture, high strength, good elasticity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and non-balling. These advantages make polypropylene staple fiber suitable for making various needle punched non-woven fabrics.Production process of polypropylene staple fiber needle punched non-woven fabricThe polypropylene staple fiber is opened, carded, and laid into a fiber web, and then the fiber web is reinforced into a cloth through a needle needle. The......[ Read More ]
    Raw materials for disposable protective products s[2020/9/23]
    Disposable protective equipment such as diapers and sanitary materials can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Each house will have many. But do you care about its materials? Today I will take you to know it!Polypropylene staple fiber is the raw material for disposable protective products such as diapers and sanitary materials. So how is polypropylene staple fiber made? Haian County Qinfeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of polypropylene staple fiber.Hai’an Qinfeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on the production, research and develop......[ Read More ]
    Appreciate the method of identifying the good and [2020/9/11]
    Appreciate the method of identifying the good and bad polypropylene staple fiber!High-quality polypropylene staple fiber is compounded by high-quality fiber-grade virgin polypropylene raw materials and special additives; while inferior polypropylene staple fiber is often compounded by powder or recycled materials and ordinary textile auxiliaries.How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of polypropylene staple fiber:1. Sunlight method:Inferior polypropylene staple fibers have not undergone UV-resistant treatment at all because of cost reduction. Polypropylene fibers lose their streng......[ Read More ]
    Polypropylene staple fiber performs well in civili[2020/9/11]
    polypropylene staple fiber performs well in civilian products!polypropylene staple fiber has good warmth retention, bulkiness, strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, and almost does not absorb moisture, so after being made into clothing, the comfort of the clothing is better, especially the ultra-fine polypropylene fiber, due to the increased surface area Larger, can transfer sweat faster and keep the skin comfortable. Because the fiber does not absorb moisture and has a small shrinkage rate, polypropylene fabric has the characteristics of easy washing and quick drying.polypro......[ Read More ]
    Antibacterial polypropylene staple fiber is a new [2020/9/8]
    Antibacterial polypropylene staple fiber is a new type of functional polypropylene fiber!Antibacterial polypropylene staple fiber is a new type of functional polypropylene fiber. It adopts polypropylene blending modification method, selecting organic antibacterial agents and other auxiliary materials through multiple mixing and special melt spinning technology, and then various specifications of nonwovens can be obtained It is the fiber raw material of several major categories of sanitary and health care textile materials with antibacterial effect, such as for use, carpet, and cotton.The chara......[ Read More ]
    The functional characteristics and classification [2020/9/8]
    The functional characteristics and classification of polypropylene staple fiber  1. With electrical insulation and thermal insulation.Polypropylene staple fiber has high electrical resistivity and low thermal conductivity. Compared with other chemical fibers, polypropylene staple fiber has good electrical insulation and heat insulation, but it is easy to generate static electricity during processing.  2. Poor heat resistance and aging resistance.Polypropylene staple fiber has a low melting point and poor stability to light and heat. Therefore, polypropylene staple fiber has poor heat resistanc......[ Read More ]
    Do you know the development history of polypropyle[2020/9/3]
    Do you know the development history of polypropylene staple fiber?The main raw material of polypropylene staple fiber is polypropylene, which is polypropylene.In the early days, propylene polymerization could only obtain paper products with a low degree of polymerization, which were non-crystalline compounds and had no practical value. In 1954, the production of crystalline polypropylene opened up a new direction in the field of polymerization, laying the foundation for the large-scale industrial production of polypropylene and its wide application in plastic products and fiber production.In 1......[ Read More ]
    Polypropylene staple fiber is an ideal raw materia[2020/9/3]
    polypropylene staple fiber is an ideal raw material for making outdoor clothingpolypropylene staple fiber has excellent performance characteristics such as light weight, quick-drying, cold protection and warmth and pure natural antibacterial properties, so it is an ideal raw material for making outdoor clothing.But polypropylene staple fiber has a problem, that is, its dyeing performance is not good. Because the polypropylene fiber in the polypropylene staple fiber is a non-polar structure, it does not contain the genes that other fibers usually contain that can bind dye molecules by means of ......[ Read More ]
    Polypropylene staple fiber enhances its strengths [2020/8/28]
    polypropylene staple fiber enhances its strengths and avoids its weaknesses, and has a wide range of usespolypropylene staple fiber has light texture, low price, dry and cool, good warmth, non-toxic, high strength, good pilling resistance, good abrasion resistance, good elasticity, good antistatic property, good chemical stability, and insect resistance It has many excellent properties such as mildew resistance, anti-staining and odor resistance, and anti-sun exposure.Utilizing many unique and excellent properties of polypropylene staple fiber to maximize its strengths and avoid weaknesses, it......[ Read More ]
    Severe test of grey fabric manufacturers in Jiangs[2020/8/26]
    It is a severe test for manufacturers of grey fabrics in Jiangsu and Zhejiang! Since the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, a large number of textile orders have been delayed and cancelled, which has brought many difficulties to the production and operation of textile enterprises. The national environmental rectification campaign launched two years ago made the textile industry transfer a rational choice for enterprises to achieve transformation and upgrade and seek breakthrough development. In this context, a large number of weaving machines flooded into the low-cost a......[ Read More ]
    Precautions for safe production of polyester stapl[2020/8/26]
    Precautions for safe production of polyester staple fiber!polyester staple fiber is a fiber obtained by cutting polyester spun into tows. These matters need attention in the production process of polyester staple fiber.1. Control the operation of slice drying and melt spinning to promote stable operation.2. Screw extrusion melt spinning is heated by biphenyl heat carrier. Exhaust gas is required when the biphenyl heats up, and the exhaust gas should be slow to avoid taking the biphenyl out; open flames are forbidden to approach when exhausting, and must not be discharged into the room to avoid......[ Read More ]
    PTA device ushered in large-scale overhaul! The po[2020/8/17]
    2.68 million tons!The PTA circulation link inventory has reached a new high!Since the Spring Festival this year, PTA social inventory has always been in a state of range fluctuations, occasionally de-stocking, but the de-stocking range is not large. At present, PTA social inventory has once again set a new high in recent years.The main reason for this phenomenon is the imbalance between supply and demand.Production capacity continues to expand, and the accumulated warehouse continues to increase2020 is a year when PTA production capacity continues to expand. Even if there is an outbreak of a &......[ Read More ]
    What is polyester staple fiber?[2020/8/17]
    What is polyester staple fiber?What is polyester staple fiber? Polyester staple fiber is a fiber obtained by cutting polyester into a tow. Generally speaking, the fineness of polyester staple fiber is 1.5-200D and the length is 5-150mm.Polyester is in the form of rice grains or flakes, with various varieties and different colors. The main component of the beverage bottles we usually touch is polyester. By slicing it, polyester can be produced through two main processes of pre-spinning and post-spinning. Short fiber.According to different needs, polyester staple fibers of different specificatio......[ Read More ]
    Polyester yarn has been stretched for many days, a[2020/8/10]
    Recently, the market seems to have loosened. Some grey cloths and fabrics have begun to go out of stock. Manufacturers have taken this to a small wave of inventory. Dyeing factories are also rumored to have queues and longer delivery periods. But in general, only a few companies have improved, and most companies are still in a state of missing orders.The performance of the weaving market is divergent, but the polyester market has been "rising up" recently. Among them, the polyester filament market has performed quite well.Affected by rising crude oil prices and support from the cost ......[ Read More ]
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