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  • What is the professional enterprise of a polypropy[2021/4/19]
    What is the professional enterprise of a polypropylene short fiber Jiangsu? Hai'an County Qinfeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. specializes in producing polypropylene short fibers, your professional choiceHai'an County Qinfeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. mainly produces polypropylene short fibers and polyester short fibers: specifications 1.5D to 200D, length 5-150mm, product color sky blue, red, yellow, black, etc., can be customized. Polypropylene short fibers and polyester short fibers have rich species, support color to map or customize, fully meet your personalized needs.Qinfeng annual ou......[ Read More ]
    What are the physical properties of polyester stap[2021/4/2]
    What are the physical properties of polyester staple fiber?The strength of polyester staple fiber is nearly 1 times higher than cotton and 3 times higher than wool;The elasticity of polyester staple fiber is close to wool, and it can be used at 70-170℃;The abrasion resistance of polyester staple fiber is second only to nylon, ranking second among synthetic fibers;Polyester staple fiber has low moisture regain and good insulation performance, but due to low water absorption, high static electricity generated by friction, and poor dyeing performance.Due to the above physical properties of polyes......[ Read More ]
    Guangxi will fully guide the development of the te[2021/4/2]
    On March 31, the “Baogui Tour of China's Top 100 Textile and Apparel Enterprises in 2021” event was successfully concluded. In the next step, Guangxi will take pragmatic measures to promote the implementation of the contracted projects.This event has five highlights of "high specifications, high quality, excellent results, excellent service, and good reputation". It is an industry gathering, professional gathering and industry event in the textile and apparel field. The guests affirmed Guangxi's determination, confidence, achievements and prospects for the development of the ......[ Read More ]
    Why does the development of the non-woven fabric i[2021/3/23]
    Why does the development of the non-woven fabric industry drive the development of polypropylene staple fiber?The non-woven fabric industry is currently developing rapidly, and the demand for maternal and child products such as wet wipes and diapers may continue to grow, especially the current demand for medical-grade non-woven fabrics is also showing an upward trend. The continuous development of non-woven fabrics will drive the polypropylene staple fiber to maintain a good development prospect to a certain extent.Performance characteristics of polypropylene staple fiber: low density, high st......[ Read More ]
    The industrial textile industry maintains a medium[2021/3/23]
    At present, in general, it has built the world's largest industrial textile system with the widest range of categories, and has accumulated alternative technologies and talent advantages in high-performance fibers, special molding technologies, and functional finishing. In 2020, the industrial textile industry in developing countries will continue to maintain medium-to-high-speed development, with substantial growth in production, sales, exports and investment, and the economic benefits of the industry will improve significantly.According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the......[ Read More ]
    What are the industrial uses of polypropylene stap[2021/3/16]
    What are the industrial uses of polypropylene staple fiber?polypropylene staple fiber is a synthetic fiber spun from isotactic polypropylene obtained by propylene polymerization as a raw material, and its trade name is polypropylene fiber in my country.polypropylene staple fiber has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, good chemical resistance and antimicrobial resistance, and low price. Therefore, it is widely used in ropes, fishing nets, safety belts, luggage belts, safety nets, sewing threads, cable wraps, and geotextiles. , Filter cloth, papermaking felt and paper reinforcement......[ Read More ]
    Italian Textile Machinery: Orders still show a dow[2021/3/16]
    A few days ago, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers (ACIMIT) published the textile machinery order index for October-December 2020.It is reported that the index is 90.0 (base 2015=100), a decrease of 5% from the same period last year. Unoptimistic market trends in Italy and abroad have also affected the performance of related orders. Foreign orders have fallen by 5%, while domestic orders have fallen by 6% compared to the same period last year.Italy Textile Machinery Order Index in Constant Value (Base: 2015=100)Compared with 2019, the total annual order index in 2020 ha......[ Read More ]
    I am polypropylene staple fiber, this is my resume[2021/3/9]
    I am polypropylene staple fiber, this is my resume!Hello everyone, I am polypropylene staple fiber. Let me introduce to you how I got here. polypropylene staple fiber is made of polypropylene resin as the main raw material, colored and colorless, fluffy fiber with specified denier and length after melt spinning, drawing, crimping, drying, shaping and cutting, and packaging.Next, let me introduce to you the characteristics of me and why everyone likes me.1. The density of polypropylene staple fiber is smallPolypropylene is the relatively low density of all synthetic fibers, about 0.91g/cm3, so ......[ Read More ]
    Downstream textile printing and dyeing demand reco[2021/3/9]
    According to data from Baichuan Yingfu, the market price of disperse dyes in Jiangsu and Zhejiang rose by nearly 7% on March 8. The cumulative increase in the past month has reached 20%. The concentration of the domestic dye industry is relatively high, with the concentration of the top three disperse dye companies reaching 60%. Recently, affected by the rapid rise in international crude oil prices, the price of dye intermediates has risen. In addition, downstream printing and dyeing enterprises have seen a significant increase in their orders, and the dye industry's demand has begun to pi......[ Read More ]
    Note to textile companies: The penalty threshold f[2021/3/3]
    Since March 1, my country has fully implemented the "Regulations on the Administration of Pollution Discharge Permits" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"). As the core system of environmental management of fixed pollution sources, the pollution discharge permit system is one of the important contents of upholding and improving the ecological civilization system, and will play an important role in economic and social life.   After the implementation of the "Regulations", nearly 3,000 license-holding units and more than 37,000 pollutant discharge registra......[ Read More ]
    Why do polypropylene staple fiber need to undergo [2021/3/3]
    Why do polypropylene staple fiber need to undergo antistatic treatment?The polypropylene staple fiber that has not been modified is prone to static electricity accumulation during use, and can cause many troubles in the processing process.This is because polypropylene staple fiber has non-absorbent properties, and cannot be dyed and colored like other synthetic fibers such as polyester and eyeglass. And because of the high static electricity of PP short fiber, it is difficult to perform processing such as blowing and spinning, which greatly limits its application.polypropylene staple fiber is ......[ Read More ]
    What are the unique features of non-woven fabric m[2021/2/24]
    What are the unique features of non-woven fabric made of polypropylene staple fiber?The polypropylene staple fiber are aligned or randomly arranged to form a fiber network structure, and then reinforced by mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical methods to make the PP short fiber non-woven fabric.polypropylene staple fiber non-woven fabric has the characteristics of short process flow, fast production speed, high output, low cost, wide use, and multiple sources of raw materials.polypropylene staple fiber non-woven fabric application: (1) PP staple fiber non-woven fabrics for medical and s......[ Read More ]
    Government and enterprises discuss green printing [2021/2/24]
    From gathering to upgrading, in Keqiao printing and dyeing industry, new propositions urgently need new answers. On the 11th of the first month, the clarion call for the resumption of work and production has just sounded. A symposium for soliciting opinions on the "Environmental Protection Benchmarking Enterprise Evaluation of the Printing and Dyeing Industry in Keqiao District in 2020" and the "Plan for the Improvement of Waste Gas Remediation in the Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industry of Shaoxing" Chen Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. was held, and government departments, ......[ Read More ]
    ZCE: Adjusted the margin standard for trading of P[2021/2/4]
    Zhengzhou Commercial Exchange: From the settlement on February 9, 2021, the trading margin standard for PTA, staple fiber and methanol varieties will be adjusted to 10%, and the price limit will be adjusted to 9%; peanuts, sugar, cotton, cotton yarn, rapeseed meal, rape oil , Apple, thermal coal, ferrosilicon and manganese silicon varieties trading margin standard adjusted to 9%, the price limit adjusted to 8%; regular wheat, ale, early indica, late indica, japonica, red dates, soda ash, glass and urea varieties The trading margin standard was adjusted to 8%, and the price limit was adjusted t......[ Read More ]
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