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  • When overseas orders step on the brakes, how to br[2020/4/2]
    Today, the economic and trade of countries around the world are closely linked. The pressing of the "pause key" of textile and apparel terminal brands in Europe and the United States has inevitably caused domestic textile and apparel export companies to be subject to chargebacks from overseas customers and face a more severe export situation. People in the foreign trade circle describe: "This 'war epidemic', the first half of the domestic game, the second half of the foreign country, the foreign trade people have to play the whole game." However, from the perspectiv......[ Read More ]
    What are the classifications of polyester staple f[2020/4/2]
    polyester staple fiber on the market is divided into three categories, namely: small chemical fiber, medium chemical fiber, and large chemical fiber.1. "Small chemical fiber" polyester staple fiber: the price and quality are uneven, and the quality requirements are not highThe vast majority of production equipment is produced by domestic small chemical fiber machinery factories. The raw materials used are basically recycled polyester bottle flakes, polyester recycled waste silk and waste, and polyester foam.2. "China Chemical Fiber" polyester staple fiber: the price and qua......[ Read More ]
    Masks squeeze raw materials and diapers are tight[2020/3/24]
    As more and more companies join the ranks of mask production, the price of medical meltblown cloth is also rising.The diyi financial reporter was informed that due to the conversion of some companies to medical meltblown cloth, which has squeezed the capacity of other non-woven materials, the raw material capacity of diapers has been affected. The cost of some raw materials has risen by more than 60%, which has also led to the rise in the cost of diapers. A small number of small and medium-sized enterprises could not resist the price increase, but most diaper companies did not dare to easily i......[ Read More ]
    What are the characteristics of Haian polypropylen[2020/3/24]
    Hai'an Qinfeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of R & D and production of polypropylene staple fiber. Today, Qinfeng introduces the characteristics of Hai'an polypropylene staple fiber?Haian polypropylene staple fiber is made by spinning a high-quality polypropylene raw material through a spinning system composed of a spinneret and an external annular lateral blowing system after high-temperature melting, and then through the processes of falling bucket, drafting, curling, cutting and other processes.Haian polypropylene staple fiber has superior moisture con......[ Read More ]
    Substitute came out, superimposed capacity expansi[2020/3/17]
    Faced with the market situation of abnormally high prices of meltblown cloth, not only are alternatives competing to come out, but market capacity has also been significantly increased.As early as February, Shanghai Petrochemical's emergency R & D and production of meltblown non-woven fabrics has been successfully trial-produced. It can produce 6 tons per day, helping to add nearly 6 million pieces of disposable medical masks / day. Sinopec has invested about 200 million yuan in melt-blown cloth production lines built by Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical and Jiangsu Yizheng Chemical Fiber.......[ Read More ]
    What are the functions of polypropylene staple fib[2020/3/17]
    The production process of polypropylene staple fiber mostly adopts porous, low-speed, continuous process, that is, short-spinning process. polypropylene staple fibers are light in weight, high in strength, good in elasticity, abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, polypropylene staple fibers are widely used in fields. So what are the specific polypropylene staple fibers, let's take a look below.polypropylene staple fiber is blended with cotton, which can be made into acrylic fine cotton cloth, sheets, polypropylene staple fiber and viscose blended can be used as blankets, P......[ Read More ]
    Cut into the warehouse, no work to do! Years ago, [2020/3/10]
    Affected by the pneumonia epidemic, the start of the textile industry was generally delayed this year, but the shutdown did not completely hinder sales, especially near the point of return to work. Grey cloth sales and fabric exchanges have already been in full swing. Grey cloth factories often report that the grey cloth is selling well, and the dyeing factory also keeps selling out news. In the entire textile market, a long-lost peak season, some grey fabrics and dyeing fees have begun to move, and it has the meaning of rising.But this wave of high hopes did not allow the textile people's......[ Read More ]
    What can polypropylene staple fiber be used for?[2020/3/10]
    After 1980, with the development of polypropylene staple fibers and new technologies for making polypropylene staple fibers, polypropylene staple fibers replaced some cotton fibers for textile fabrics and nonwovens.polypropylene staple fiber raw material: polypropylene staple fiber is a kind of short fiber made from polypropylene PP as raw material through melt spinning, drafting, crimping, heat setting and cutting.polypropylene staple fiber has superior moisture conductivity and fast drying, good cardability and spinning performance, can produce soft and tough fabrics, light weight, good warm......[ Read More ]
    Jin San has arrived, and the textile industry is g[2020/3/4]
    Although the recent impact of the new crown epidemic has been expanding and the situation in Japan, South Korea, Iran, Italy and other countries is not optimistic, from the perspective of the domestic situation, the new crown epidemic has been gradually controlled in our country. At present, the overall trend of the epidemic situation in the country is improving, and the periodic results are remarkable. In addition to Hubei Province, many other provinces have achieved zero reports of new cases for several consecutive days. As the pace of resumption of work in the upstream and downstream of the......[ Read More ]
    What are the civilian uses of polypropylene staple[2020/3/4]
    Hai'an Qinfeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.'s main polypropylene staple fiber, its specifications are generally 1.5D to 200D, length 5-150mm, superior physical and chemical properties have given it a wide range of applications, not only for industry, but also for civilian use . Let ’s take a look at the civilian uses of polypropylene staple fiber.PP short fiber is made by spinning a high-quality polypropylene raw material after spinning at a high temperature by a spinning system composed of a spinneret and an external annular transverse blowing system, and then through the processes of dro......[ Read More ]
    What will happen to textile enterprises in the mar[2020/2/26]
    This year's market has never been encountered in the textile industry for decades, and textile people will also encounter some situations that have never been encountered before.1. Orders everywhere! Backlog of demand urgently needs to be releasedThe first is the backlog of orders. When it comes to the textile market in 2019, most textile people will say that there are too few orders, and that large orders are not enough. All are small batches, multiple batches, not much profit, but a lot of energy.After the start of the year, this situation may change.On the one hand, during the one month......[ Read More ]
    What are the different applications of polypropyle[2020/2/26]
    polypropylene staple fiber is a kind of polypropylene short fiber, the general specifications are 1.5D to 200D, and the length is 5 to 150mm. Its performance is excellent, it has superior moisture conductivity and quick-drying, good carding and spinning properties, fast melting, good filling and sound insulation properties. The excellent properties make polypropylene staple fibers have some different applications.Introduction of different applications of polypropylene staple fiber1. polypropylene staple fiber is used in baby care products, baby diapers and baby diapers.2. polypropylene staple ......[ Read More ]
    Weaving resumed and the market opened! Orders ever[2020/2/18]
    Keqiao China Textile City, the world's largest textile professional market, officially opened today! And just three days later, the Chinese Oriental Silk Market, which is known as "China's diyi cloth city," will also resume work.After the two major textile clusters have been opened one after another, what are the situations that textile people will encounter that were difficult to encounter in the past? How should we respond to this?What will textile enterprises encounter in a market that has never been encountered before?This year's market has never been encountered in t......[ Read More ]
    Haian Qinfeng is an expert in the development and [2020/2/18]
    Hai'an Qinfeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is a high-quality manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of polypropylene staple fibers, pp staple fibers, functional polypropylene staple fibers, and polyester staple fibers. . What are the superior properties of Qinfeng pp staple fiber? Let's take a look.Qinfeng polypropylene staple fiber has superior moisture conductivity and quick-drying, good carding and spinning properties, and has fast melting, good filling and sound insulation properties. With these superior properties, Qinfeng polypropylene staple fiber can produce soft and......[ Read More ]
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