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  • 【News】China-Japan and Korean Textile Fiber Industr[2021/11/30]
    In the face of the impact of the epidemic, "Sino-Japan and South Korea textile industry is necessary to strengthen collaboration, build a stable, safe industrial chain and supply chain system, enhance regional industrial development toughness." China Textile Industry Federation Party Secretary and Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of China A shared voice of the industry at the Tenth Sino-Korea Fiber Industry Cooperation Conference.At present, the China Textile Industry has benefited from the improvement of the situation of the epidemic prevention and control, and the dev......[ Read More ]
    What problems will be encountered in the productio[2021/11/30]
    How to solve when the polypropylene staple fiber produced by the manufacturer1. There will be more defects in the early days, which can be solved gradually by adjusting the cooler cooling process parameters.2. The accessories cannot be added at one time, but the mixture is demolished pre-spinning.3. From the initial production of polypropylene staple fiber test indicators, the elongation of the modified fibers is large and the strength is low, which is due to the addition of the modified component, and is also related to the spinning process. The elongation will affect the quality of......[ Read More ]
    [Information] Calcal price fluctuations, chemical [2021/11/23]
    Recently, the chemical fiber industry has carried out a limited residence in various places, and the bulk textile raw materials are more due to severe coal prices, and the price of polyester raw materials fell.Polyester market dark cloudsRecently, European new crown epidemic continued to deteriorate, and the market was worried about the European blockade. The crude oil is re-sliding the polyester market in the snow. On the 18th, crude oil prices began to fall sharply, WTI crude oil prices fell to $ 78.36 / barrel, which also fell out of the 80 US dollar / barrel for the first time in the past ......[ Read More ]
    Hai'an Qinsheng specializes in producing polypropy[2021/11/23]
    The characteristics of polypropylene are mainly based on light texture, high strength, good elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and ball. The defects are also significantly mainly shown as light, thermal stability, and easy to aging dyeing performance. Our company is devoted to the independent research and development of polypropylene staple fiber, PP short fibers, polyester staple and other products, and establishes a model for innovation. Our phaladropic staple fiber and polyester staple fiber products are mainly used in: sanitary non-woven fabrics, spurs non-spinning, acupunc......[ Read More ]
    A brief analysis of chemical fiber industry in the[2021/11/16]
    Since this year, the industry's domestic and foreign challenges have been intricate, especially in the second half of the year, the domestic epidemic situation, the energy consumption of dual-control continues to increase, and the reaches of the industry's main operation indicators is obvious. The domestic demand market is stable, international demand has increased, and the industry is still good for industry economy. International oil prices have continued to rise to chemical fiber markets, but also increased enterprise production costs. Outlook all years, the operation of the chemica......[ Read More ]
    Industry scope of polypropylene staple fiber[2021/11/16]
    For paper industryThe use of polypropylene staple fibers in dry paper is mainly to produce puffed soft paper. The puffed soft paper is also known as dust-free paper, which is a new type of disposable hygiene material that can be made into high-density dust-free paper absorbent core materials for a hygienic material having a high absorptive capacity and excellent liquid effect. A low density absorbent core material can also be made for medical materials.   2. Used for nonwovenThe polypropylene staple fiber is applied to the production of thermal bonded nonwoven fabric in the......[ Read More ]
    Manufacturers answer static electricity on polypro[2021/11/6]
    Today, Xiaobian's knowledge of these issues on the effects of static electricity on the polypropylene staple fibers, I hope to bring inspiration and help to our customers, let everyone have a deep understanding of the polypropylene staple fiber. . So everyone can do their best in the future, don't panic, don't panic, play the maximum role of polypropylene staple fibers.Apropylene staple fiber is a non-absorbent or absorbent, and it is not possible to be stained like a polyester, honesty, and other combinations such as polyester, and it is difficult to implement clear flowers, spinn......[ Read More ]
    Relationship between polypropylene staple fiber st[2021/11/6]
    The polypropylene staple fiber is in the number of tensile sisters because the polypropylene is relatively light, so the same day, polyester is much higher than the polyester, and the polyester single strength is also higher, so the tensile smector is lower than the polyester.After the stretching process and intensity relationship is stretched by polypropylene fibers, the increase in fiber power is mainly the result of the orientation of the fiber itself and the crystallinity increase. Generally, the number of draw ratios is increased and strong. It can be seen from the double-refractive index......[ Read More ]
    International Innovation Summit, explaining the ro[2021/11/2]
    On October 27, Vice President, China Textile Industry Association, President of China International Trade Promotion Committee Textile Industry Branch The role in addressing climate change.The meeting was hosted by the World Textile Information Network (WITN) headquartered in London, England, held on October 26-28, 2021, mainly discussed "how the current macro environment affects the next 10 years", and promotes more competitiveness, More toughness, in the future of customer priority and higher value. Thousands of industries from all regions from all regions of the world have viewed l......[ Read More ]
    Solution What is a polypropylene staple fiber[2021/11/2]
    What is polyester staple fiber? What product characteristics are there a polyester staple fiber?Polypropylene staple fibers are mainly used in acupuncture carpets, automotive interiors, non-woven fabrics, ropes, decorative materials, health care products, etc.The polypropylene staple fiber is made of polypropylene resin as the main raw material, which is made into color and colorless, defined, defined, and the length of fluffy fibers.Polypropylene staplet fiber product performance:1.Propylene staple fiber have superior humidification, flexibility, surfing, and superior thermal bonds.......[ Read More ]
    Long length standard for common polypropylene stap[2021/10/26]
    Polypropylene staple fiber are fibers that are shorter than the length of the main fiber length in cotton fibers. Common polypropylene short fibers comprise a percentage of the total mass of the fiber, called short velvet. There are two main reasons for short fibers:The first is that the fibers are generated when it is grown, and the raw materials in the time of the cotton, especially shorter length (12 mm or less);The second is the damage of the fiber during the machining process, and the sequence produced by the combing process is turned off, combats and combed. The length of short fibers: f......[ Read More ]
    Excellent diligent chemical polypropylene staple f[2021/10/26]
    The polypropylene staple fiber has a lot of excellent performance, mainly reflected in the following four aspects:First,polypropylene staple fibes have superior humidification, flexibility, networked and sortative, excellent thermally bondedSecond, polypropylene staple fibe is light, its density is 0.9 ~ 0.92 g / cubic centimeter, which is the lightest in all synthetic fibers, which is 2% percent than the polyamide fiber, 30% percent of polyester fiber, than adhesive The fiber is light 40%; the strength is high (the same as the mild and wet state), the wear resistance and elasticity ......[ Read More ]
    Functional Polypropylene Staple Fiber chooses HaiA[2021/10/19]
    Functional Polypropylene Staple Fiber are mainly used in: acupuncture non-woven fabric, bathroom non-woven fabric, acupuncture carpet, car interior cloth, geotextile, speaker cloth, filter cloth, filter yarn, clothing lining, artificial fur, spinning, Textile wire, filter material, adsorbed material and other fields.It has superior humidification, flexibility, surfing, and superior thermal bonds.High strength, strong curl, light weight, low melting point, good surface permeability, acid and alkali resistance, and better wear resistance.Functional Polypropylene Staple Fiber specifications: 1.5D......[ Read More ]
    【Industry News】 National Advanced Function Fiber I[2021/10/19]
    The new round of industrial revolution sweeps the world, and the industry is re-divided into the wind. In the context of the new era, China's fibrous material manufacturing is a key transformation of the transformation and transformation upgrade. To this end, the national advanced function fiber innovation center needs to shoulder historical mission, maximize the innovation resources, aiming at new principles, new technology, new technologies, supplement shortals, exercise long chains, development of common key and competitive frontier technology research and development, forming productio......[ Read More ]
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