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[Precautions for safe production of polyester staple fiber!]
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Precautions for safe production of polyester staple fiber!

polyester staple fiber is a fiber obtained by cutting polyester spun into tows. These matters need attention in the production process of polyester staple fiber.

1. Control the operation of slice drying and melt spinning to promote stable operation.

2. Screw extrusion melt spinning is heated by biphenyl heat carrier. Exhaust gas is required when the biphenyl heats up, and the exhaust gas should be slow to avoid taking the biphenyl out; open flames are forbidden to approach when exhausting, and must not be discharged into the room to avoid fire and poisoning.

The temperature in this post is high, and the Department of Defense must do a good job in cooling down.

3. The winding speed of the winder is very high, and it is easy to bring the hook in accidentally during operation, causing the flying hook to hurt people. Therefore, it is necessary to educate the operator to concentrate on manipulating, stand in a favorable and safe position, and avoid fly hook damage.

When winding the wire on the waste wire roll, if there are several strands of wire on the roll, use one hand to hold the original tow when rewinding the wire to avoid the tow from winding the hooks and causing flying hooks.

When cutting the waste wire on the waste wire roller, you must step on the brake device with your foot, and use the knotting knife to cut the waste wire after it stops.

4. When raising and lowering the cluster frame, it is forbidden to stand under the frame.

5. When handling the drafting winding roll, the speed must be reduced or stopped. When hooking, concentrate on hooking at the exit to prevent hooking.

6. Be careful not to spill the oil. Once it splashes the ground should be washed in time to prevent slipping while walking.

7. When the blocking machine is turned on to raise the head, hold the wire head and feed it into the blocking hook wheel. If the cooperation is improper, the prone hand has not been separated, the console is turned on, and the hand is brought in, causing a hand cutting accident. Therefore, the control of the interceptor must be closely coordinated, and it must be turned on after the hand is separated.

8. During the packing process, the main gland should be covered with the covering cloth when the machine is stopped, and then the main gland should be raised. Do not use the main gland wrapping cloth when raising the gland to prevent squeezing your hands.

9. Do a good job in fire prevention of fiber warehouses.

10. "Shawl hair" is not allowed to work. Female comrades should cover their hair in work caps and are not allowed to wear high heels or jewelry.

11. The workshop is noisy, pay attention to personal protection.

12. Maintenance workers should wear protective equipment to prevent burns when they go to high-temperature posts for inspection.

Safe production of polyester staple fiber is very important. Keep in mind the key points of safe production to reduce the occurrence of operation accidents.

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