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[The functional characteristics and classification of polypropylene staple fiber]
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The functional characteristics and classification of polypropylene staple fiber


1. With electrical insulation and thermal insulation.

Polypropylene staple fiber has high electrical resistivity and low thermal conductivity. Compared with other chemical fibers, polypropylene staple fiber has good electrical insulation and heat insulation, but it is easy to generate static electricity during processing.


2. Poor heat resistance and aging resistance.

Polypropylene staple fiber has a low melting point and poor stability to light and heat. Therefore, polypropylene staple fiber has poor heat resistance and aging resistance, and is not resistant to ironing, but it can be improved by adding an anti-aging agent during the spinning process.


3. Poor hygroscopicity and dyeability.

polypropylene staple fiber has poor hygroscopicity and dyeability among chemical fibers, almost does not absorb water, and its moisture regain rate is less than 0.03%. Fine denier polypropylene has a strong wicking effect and can eliminate water vapor through the capillary in the fiber. After the clothes are made, the comfort of the clothes is better, especially the ultra-fine polypropylene fiber, due to the increased surface area, can transfer sweat faster and keep the skin comfortable. Since the fiber does not absorb moisture and has a small shrinkage rate, the polypropylene fabric has the characteristics of easy washing and quick drying.

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