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[What position does polyester staple fiber occupy in chemical fiber industry chain and what characteristics does it have?]
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What position does polyester staple fiber occupy in chemical fiber industry chain and what characteristics does it have?

Position and characteristics of polyester staple fiber in chemical fiber industry Chain:

(1) Textile fiber is composed of natural fiber and chemical fiber, the ratio of which is 30 to 70. Chemical fibers include synthetic fibers and man-made fibers, accounting for 92% and 8%, respectively. In the synthetic fiber, polyester accounted for 80%, polyester staple fiber accounted for 15%. Polyester staple fiber accounts for about 8% in the whole textile fiber, belonging to the medium-sized category next to polyester filament (41%) and cotton (26%).

(2) In the past five years, the stability of polyester staple fiber cash flow is at the priority level among all fibers. Since the middle of 2018, starting from the PTA, the prices of all products in the polyester industry chain are in the downward channel, and the prices of polyester staple fiber also drop by 50% from the high level. However, the overall cash flow of polyester staple fiber is stable in the range of 300-700 yuan, and its stability is stronger than that of polyester filament, spandex, polyamide, etc., mainly benefiting from the development of polyester staple fiber industry in the past five years. In 2012, direct spinning polyester short supply exceeds demand, and the profit level is low. After three years of adjustment from 2013 to 2015, the backward production capacity is cleared, the product structure is upgraded, and the supply and demand tend to balance. In 2017, the prohibition of waste policy was implemented, and direct spinning polyester short obtained part of the market share of recycled polyester. In addition, the cost advantage of direct spinning staple fiber is highlighted in each cotton spinning raw material because of the reduction of polymerization cost of the private refinery integration unit. In 2020, the epidemic has driven the demand for spunlaced nonwoven fabrics and other medical products, and enterprises have accelerated the process of destocking, making the overall cash flow level of staple fiber industry relatively stable.

(3) The industrial development history of polyester staple fiber from oversupply to relative balance of supply and demand is of great significance for understanding various varieties of chemical fiber industrial chain. The clearance time of backward production capacity is about 3-5 years, and the expansion of terminal demand is more from the internal structural adjustment of chemical fiber. The cost advantage and excellent physical and chemical performance brought by integration are the keys to occupy more shares in the structural adjustment.

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