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[Crude oil lit a fire, and some polyester manufacturers produced and sold as much as 500% polyester yarn!]
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In the early trading, the PTA spot basis was strong, and the MEG internal price range fluctuated in the morning. The market discussions were general, and the price increased by 50-100 today.

Yesterday, downstream texturing and weaving factories concentrated on replenishment. The production and sales of polyester filaments increased. Overnight, international oil prices continued to rise and hit a new high during the year. It is expected that polyester filaments will show a warmer adjustment trend today. However, we still need to pay attention to the continuous efforts of downstream and terminal replenishment and the trend of later raw materials.

Today's price

Today the price has increased by 50-100 more.

Direction of Tongxiang: Polyester yarn POY of a major manufacturer in Tongxiang increased by 50; FDY and DTY of another major manufacturer in Tongxiang increased by 50; Polyester discount of a major manufacturer in Tongxiang decreased by 50;

Jiangsu direction: polyester yarn POY of a major factory in Taicang increased by 50; polyester yarn of a major manufacturer in Shengze, Jiangsu increased by 50-150; FDY of a factory in Wuxi increased by 50;

Shaoxing direction: FDY of a major manufacturer in Shaoxing increased by 50; FDY of another major manufacturer in Shaoxing increased by 50-100; Polyester yarn of a factory in Shaoxing increased by 50-100;

The direction of Xiaoshan: The polyester yarn of a major manufacturer in Xiaoshan increased by 50-100; FDY of a major factory in Zhejiang increased by 50-100, and the DTY increased by 50-100; DTY of a major manufacturer in Zhejiang increased by 50-100; POY of a major factory in Xiaoshan increased by 50 ;Polyester yarn of another factory in Xiaoshan reported stability; POY of polyester yarn of the first factory in Xiaoshan rose by 50; DTY of polyester yarn of another major manufacturer in Zhejiang rose by 50;

Affected by the increase in international oil prices, polyester filament prices increased in a small range on October 25. Two major factories in Tongxiang Xinfengming and Tongkun both increased polyester prices by 50 yuan/ton. Some polyester factories also Canceled some of the previous promotional offers and started to sell silk at fair prices.

However, although the price increase of polyester yarns this round is not as big as in the past, it seems to have opened a certain switch for textile companies, and weaving companies have begun to buy silk in large quantities.

According to the data monitoring of China Silk Capital Network, the polyester filament market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang was hot on November 25. The average production and sales of major manufacturers were 150%-230%, and the production and sales of some factories could reach 500%.

Under the influence of the large-scale market shrinkage caused by the impact of the epidemic in 2020, the law of "buying up and not buying down" for polyester filament seems to be invalid. The increase in crude oil prices and the small increase in polyester filament will hardly stimulate textile companies. Let them buy silk stocks. But this time the situation has changed again. Weaving companies have bought up the price increase of polyester yarn. Why?

01 Time is at a sensitive point

First of all, the current time point is more sensitive. Although under the influence of the price fluctuations of polyester raw materials at the beginning of the year, many weaving companies will choose to buy and use them when they buy raw materials, but for textile companies, there is still a certain period of buying raw materials, but this cycle is shortened. According to past experience, the end of each month is the time for many companies to purchase raw materials in a new round. In addition, the time is approaching December, and some weaving companies are approaching the end of the year to stock up raw materials.

02 Polyester yarn returns to the price increase cycle

Second, although polyester filament prices are more frequent this year, after entering the second half of the year, the overall price trend is still relatively stable, basically following a turbulent and stable law of several weeks up and down. At the beginning of November, due to the decrease in market orders and the cyclical price, the price of polyester yarn fell by 200-300 yuan/ton. According to experience, it is now in the range of price correction. Some weaving companies have also spotted this rule and bought silk on dips.

03 The capital situation of textile enterprises has improved

After experiencing the hot market for the whole month of October, textile companies received a lot of orders, and the original backlog of inventories was greatly digested, and consequently the shortage of funds was greatly eased. It is this situation that has caused some weaving companies in the market to be willing and able to purchase large quantities of raw materials. ‍

Under the epidemic, the number of proofs increased and the actual orders decreased

For this year's special market, the number of proofs is much more than in previous years. On the one hand, the reduction in overall market demand has amplified competition among enterprises. Garment factories will distribute an order to several suppliers at the same time. In addition to the early price competition, there is also competition in proofing. This is why The reason why many orders fall into the sea after proofing.

On the other hand, the weakening of the market and the increasing competition in the market. In order to find orders, many companies take the initiative, and are no longer stuck on waiting for orders from customers and produce according to requirements. Instead, they develop new samples independently, which will bring their own self. Featured products are recommended to customers. In addition, newly developed products often have multiple colors in one variety, and the same fabric will have multiple different finishing processes, so the number of proofs has increased a lot.

A wave of orders from last year and last year may be ushered in after proofing and sending samples. As long as there is proofing, there is hope. Therefore, the cloth bosses should do a good job in the preliminary proofing work, consolidate customers, and prepare for the textile market next year.

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