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[Downstream demand increases, Jiangsu textile enterprises are busy]
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As the New Year's Day holiday approaches, most domestic companies have a holiday and rest. In the textile workshops of various sizes along the coast of Jiangsu Province, it is still a busy scene. It is understood that many textile companies in Jiangsu region did not suspend work during the New Year's Day holiday. The person in charge of a local textile company said that during the New Year's Day holiday, the company started more production, increased the operating rate, and produced more than sales, and the purchase of raw materials decreased compared with before the holiday. Comprehensive analysis shows that this phenomenon has the following reasons.

  1. Most companies have sufficient orders on hand. Some of the ordered products are related to the production and sales of clothing and bedding in the Spring Festival market. Therefore, the order-receiving textile enterprises need to hurry up and deliver early, and must work overtime during the New Year's Day holiday. 2. In the face of the favorable situation of inflection point in production, some enterprises that have not reached a very high early-stage production rate, in order to comply with the user orientation, ensure quality and quantity, and work overtime to produce. 3. Some companies have seized the opportunity of the current high market operation to make up for the deficiencies in production and sales in the first half of 2020. In response to this, the government of some regions in the textile industry such as Yancheng, Jiangsu also launched a “swearing to win the first season” event, and enterprises actively cooperated to form a situation where a lot of work is coming soon. Therefore, in the local textile industrial park, there was a boom in the whole festival during the festival.

At present, the demand for grey fabrics in coastal areas along the Yangtze River and small and medium-sized weaving textile enterprises has increased, and the domestic demand for low- and medium-grade yarns and grey cloths has increased. This has created production and sales of small workshop-style spinning enterprises and traditional air-spun products scattered in northern Jiangsu and northern Jiangsu. This is a good opportunity for China, and the boom in production and sales of many local small textile enterprises also proves this.

   It is understood that during the New Year's Day, the domestic textile enterprises produced more than sold, and the amount of raw and auxiliary materials purchased was relatively small or even stopped. The reason is that due to the large number of upstream suppliers and market holidays, textile companies mainly use raw material stock during the holiday season to ensure real-time production. Except for special circumstances, most companies arrange post-holiday delivery and shipment. More importantly, during the New Year's Day, most areas of the country encountered severe cold weather, roads and rivers were frozen and unfavorable for transportation, and the capacity of New Year's Day holiday decreased, and enterprises were busy with workshop production. It is expected that after the full recovery of production and the temperature relaxation, the fundamental production, supply and marketing of textile enterprises will enter a normal cycle.

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