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[Market suspension of production and holidays increased, chemical fiber index fell slightly ]
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On January 25, 2021, the China Shengze Silk Chemical Fiber Index of the Ministry of Commerce dropped slightly. The chemical fiber general index chemical fiber price index closed at 100.47 points, a decrease of 0.13 points compared with the previous trading day; the chemical fiber fabric price index closed At 100.01 points, compared with the previous trading day, it fell by 0.11 points; chemical fiber also rose slightly, closing at 104.03 points, which was a decrease of 0.17 points compared with the previous trading day.

1. From the perspective of the fabric market

The price index of chemical fiber fabrics closed at 100.01 points, a decrease of 0.11 points compared with the previous trading day.

Recently, the overall transaction atmosphere in the weaving market is generally average. Manufacturers are mostly doing sweeping work. New orders are generally traded. They are busy with pre-orders. Market production and sales are barely flat. The inventory is maintained at about 41 days. The delivery is concentrated on stretch fabrics and silk fabrics. In terms of operating rate, as workers have begun to return to their hometowns, the operating rate of many manufacturers has dropped and remained at 50%. The overall market demand is not as good as the previous period.

2. From the perspective of raw material market

Chemical fiber also rose slightly, closing at 104.03 points, down 0.17 points compared with the previous trading day.

Last Friday (January 22) New York crude oil March futures fell 0.18 US dollars to 53.13 per barrel, and Brent March futures rose 0.02 US dollars to 56.10 US dollars per barrel. Asia PX fell 10 to 661.5FOB South Korea and 679.5 US dollars/ton CFR China. The European PX leveled to 622 USD/ton FOB Rotterdam. FDY 50D/72F is now at around 7900 yuan/ton. The price of PTA fluctuates slightly. The operating rate of weaving companies has begun to decline. Weaving companies are coming to an end. Promotions are difficult to drive polyester production and sales. The price of polyester filament may stabilize in the future.

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