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[Downstream textile printing and dyeing demand recovers, industry chain stocks attract attention]
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According to data from Baichuan Yingfu, the market price of disperse dyes in Jiangsu and Zhejiang rose by nearly 7% on March 8. The cumulative increase in the past month has reached 20%. The concentration of the domestic dye industry is relatively high, with the concentration of the top three disperse dye companies reaching 60%. Recently, affected by the rapid rise in international crude oil prices, the price of dye intermediates has risen. In addition, downstream printing and dyeing enterprises have seen a significant increase in their orders, and the dye industry's demand has begun to pick up.

[Comments]: The downstream textile printing and dyeing industry market is actively recovering, and the dye industry chain is expected to maintain an upward trend. Especially as the peripheral economy enters a stage of accelerated recovery, suppressed overseas consumption is expected to continue to heat up. Drive textile exports. On the company side, Anoqi and Zhejiang Longsheng are mainly engaged in dye business.

Source: Textile Net

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