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[Chemical fiber six big privileges, do you have a clear?]
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Chemical fiber six big privileges, do you have a clear?

  When we buy clothes, in addition to watching the brand, style, we will pay attention to the material of the clothes.

  On weekdays, we have contacted more natural fibers contain cotton, hemp, hair, silk, etc., will also see more chemical fibers. All kinds of ethon are dazzled, we help everyone get it.

  Polyester, acrylic, nylon, polypropylene, vivine, spandex, referred to as chemical fiber six big privileges, we will briefly introduce their own characteristics.

First, polyester: all wrinkle

1. Features:

  On production, it is definitely the big brother in the chemical fiber. High strength, good impact resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance, acid resistance, good light resistance (second only to acrylic), moisture absorption is poor (in winter, difficult, fabric is easy to wash Dry, good protocol, with "washing".

2, use:

   Filament use: often as low-elastic, produce various textiles;

 Short fiber use: cotton, hair, hemp can be blended, industrial: tire curtain line, fishing net, rope, filter cloth, etc. Home textile: Various hand-sensitive blankets and carpets are also polyester fabrics.

Second, nylon: strong wear

1. Features:

  The maximum advantage of nylon is to wear and wear and is one of the best. Small density, light fabric, good elasticity, fatigue damage, chemical stability is also very good, and alkali is not acidic.

 The biggest disadvantage is that the health is not good, the fabric will turn yellow, the strength is lowered, the moisture is not good, but it is better than acrylic, polyester.

2, use:

  Filament, mostly used in knitting and silk industries; short fibers, mostly mixed with wool or hair-type fiber, Wahada, Fanni, etc.

 Third, acrylic: bullying

1 Introduction:

  The performance of acrylic fibers is very similar to wool, and it is called "synthetic wool", and now many woolen fabrics have acrylic.

 Good hot elasticity, small density, is also small than the wool, and the fabric is warm.

2. Features:

  Ni-Japanese optical property is very good (first place), wet wet, dyeing.

3, use:

  Mainly civilized, purely blended, made into a variety of packages, yarn, blankets, sportswear.Fourth, Vaden: water moisture

1. Features:

  The maximum feature of variant is the best moisture absorption, the best in synthetic fibers, known as "synthetic cotton". Strength stroke, polyester, chemical stability, no resistance to strong acid, alkali resistance. Ni-Japanese light and weather resistance are also very good, but it is resistant to dryness and no moisture heat (contracted) the worst, the fabric is easy to wrinkle, the dye is poor, and the color is not bright.

2, use:

Multi-cotton blend make corduroy, underwear, canvas, waterproof cloth.Five, polypropylene: Warming

1. Features:

  The polypropylene fiber is the lightest fiber in common chemical fibers. It is almost unheat, but has good core suction capacity, high strength, stable fabric size, is very good, and the chemical stability is good.

2, use:

Because it is not harma, it can be used to do diaper and mosquito nets. Industrial: carpet, fishing net, canvas, water dragon belt, medical belt instead of cotton gauze, hygiene products.

 Six, spandex: elastic fiber

1. Features:

  The amnevia is the best, the worst strength, the moisture absorption, good light resistance, acid, alkali resistance, and wear resistance. Spandex is the high-elastic fiber necessary for the pursuit of dynamic and convenient high-performance clothing, is comfortable, soft and soft, and wrinkles can always maintain the original contour.

2, use:

 Spandex uses its characteristics to be widely used in underwear, women under underwear, casual wear, sportswear, brock, etc.

  Referring to spandex, the main raw materials of the amidon oil, the primary raw material of the spandex oil (the proportion may be more than 80%), the silicone oil has increased more than 300% of the two years, so that most spandex oils The manufacturer has suffered a lot.

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