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[【Industry News】 National Advanced Function Fiber Innovation Center debuts China Advanced Materials Industry Expo]
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The new round of industrial revolution sweeps the world, and the industry is re-divided into the wind. In the context of the new era, China's fibrous material manufacturing is a key transformation of the transformation and transformation upgrade. To this end, the national advanced function fiber innovation center needs to shoulder historical mission, maximize the innovation resources, aiming at new principles, new technology, new technologies, supplement shortals, exercise long chains, development of common key and competitive frontier technology research and development, forming production Academic research uses collaborative innovation mechanism to enhance industry innovation competitiveness, impart high value-added values of fiber new materials, create new industrial value chains, ecological chains, accelerate innovative chains and industrial chains, promote the expansion and upgrading of fibrous materials application scenarios, and promote Multi-level, multi-element joint association innovation, jointly promoting high-end equipment update development.

On October 11-13, 2021 The 6th China Advanced Materials Industry Expo and the military and civilian New Materials Conference was held in Qingdao World Expo. As a support unit, the National Advanced Function Fiber Innovation Center is invited to participate in the Expo, showing the latest advances in advanced functional fiber materials, set booths in the T46 booth of the Qingdao World Expo City, set up six major exhibition areas, showing the latest research and development results. The present exhibition is the theme with "advanced materials leading the high-end equipment industry" as the theme, the exhibition area exceeds 30000 square meters, centrally display new technologies, new technology, new programs, new technologies, new technologies, and strives to build materials in China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry. Exchange platform, gathering aerospace, aviation, rail transit, sea industries, nuclear power, weapons, ship, chemical, electronics, automobiles and other industries, high-end equipment demand units and advanced materials related companies, Exchange and product docking, explore the latest trends in the field of high-end equipment related materials.

It is reported that this exposition is guided by the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau, the National New Materials Industry Development Expert Advisory Committee, China Peaceful Utilization Military Technology Association, China Textile Industry Association, Wuhan University of Technology, the All-Financial Union Make Commission, got a country Advanced Fiber Innovation Center strong support.

On October 11th, the opening of the Expo, the Chinese Academy of Academy of Academy, the academician Zhu Mengfang, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited the national advanced functional fiber innovation center booth, Wang Yuping, director of the National Advanced Function Fiber Innovation Center, detailed this exhibition and innovation results.

Six major exhibition area,

Highlight the "Industry Research" Collaborative Innovation Mechanism

The innovation of fibrous materials has a pilot to change in the downstream of the industry chain. In recent years, the National Advanced Function Fiber Innovation Center has actively played its own advantages, integrating the leading enterprise resources in the industry, and attacking the high-tech technology of fiber materials, actively playing existing industrial characteristics, and has formed a number of traditional materials better and functions. Safety, high-profile materials, new-ecologies in the field of chemical protection, flame-retardant arc protection, radiation protection, anti-radiation and anti-cutting, etc.

This exposition, the national advanced functional fiber innovation center sets lightweight materials, emergency protection, safety protection, ecological function, test evaluation, and six major exhibition areas of innovation areas, showing the latest research and development results.

The lightweight material exhibition area exhibits representative products such as carbon fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE), aramid honeycomb composite. The UHMWPE has excellent characteristics of light weight, impact resistance, wear resistance, low temperature, chemical corrosion, etc., is widely used in aerospace, navigation, electronics, weapons, shipbuilding, building materials, sports, medical, etc., is currently The main material of the production of anti-sprinklers.

The emergency protection exhibition area shows representative products such as emergency biological protective fibers, emergency chemical protective fibers, emergency nuclear protection fibers. Among them, emergency chemical protective fibers have excellent tensile strength, tear strength, chemical resistance, lamination and size stability, dense product structure, strong anti-penetration capability of dust, bacteria and harmful chemical substances, and High breathable and moisture permeability, mainly used to protect various toxic substances to human injuries; emergency nuclear protection fibers are special radiation protection materials to meet nuclear power, radiological, avionics, irradiation processing and other nuclear technology applications Radioprotection.

The security exhibition area shows the opposite aramid, aramid, polyimide fibers, PA66, and the like. According to reports, the relative density of the aramid is small, high-strength, high mode, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, good chemical stability, widely used in tires, fiber-optic cables, bulletproof, high-speed rail, aerospace and other high-end fields; Optical flame retardant properties of imine, high and low temperature, thermal insulation, can be used as high temperature dust filter, electrically insulating materials, all kinds of high temperature resistant flame retardant protective clothing, parachute, honeycomb structure and heat sealing materials, composite reinforcing agent and Anti-radiation material.

The ecological function exhibition area shows chitosan fibers, PA56 fibers, and the like. Among them, chitosan fibers have good biocompatibility and antibacterial effects, prevent wound infections, with hemostasis, is widely used to make medical dressings such as non-woven fabrics, gauze, bandages, can be used to make Underwear, socks, pajamas, and gauze, bandage and other medical dressings.

The detection evaluation exhibition area focused on the national carbon fiber composite test public service platform and the national textile and fiber testing center.

The innovation zone focuses on the latest technologies and results in all colleges and universities in camouflage, radiation shielding, high efficiency resistance and impact, intelligence, biomedical, advanced equipment.

Multiple products,

Show new progress in high-end equipment research and development

Advanced function fibers are the main components of strategic emerging industries, and is also an important area of global materials and technological innovation. For all, the National Advanced Function Fiber Innovation Center actively carries out a common key and competitive frontier technology research and development, implementation of metastasis and first commercialization, and actively strengthening industrial planning, promoting technological innovation, allowing fiber new materials to achieve more performance, multi-function, lightweight In the direction of flexibility development, it gives this high value of the fiber.

This exposition, the national advanced function fiber innovation center concentrated on medical disposable protective clothing (B), one-time medical mask (sterile), forest protection boots, new combat boots, law enforcement personnel men's singlet shoes, heating vest, Continuous alumina crystal fiber, alumina fiber felt, polyimide staple fiber, short cut fiber, alumina fiber knitting tube, polyimide protective clothing, counterpart aramid fabric, aramid absorbing honeycomb material, aviation and Rail transit with aramid honeycomb core and aramid honeycomb interior plate, aramid aircraft model, environmentally friendly flame retardant anti-drip blanket, antibacterial antiviral protective curtain, aramid fabric flag and other innovative products. The product flame retardancy, high performance, and lightweight characteristics of this show.

Safety materials have excellent properties such as ultraviolet, flame retardant, insulation, and acid and alkali, and have a significant value in terms of protection of apparel. China's security protection is gradually expanded to more applications.

As the necessary individual protective equipment essential in the forest fire extinguishing work, the lifting of its own protective functions in the forest protection boots is significant. The forest protective boots showing flame retardant, insulating, waterproof, wear-resistant, non-slip, puncture and other functions are functional protective shoe boots developed as forest rescue. According to reports, the shoes are flame retardant waterproof grain skin and aramid flame retardant shoe fabrics, meet flame retardant, insulation, and water-repellent water demand; shoe head is flame retardant, wear-resistant rubber sheet, wear-resistant, non-slip; Silver reflective logo, enhanced identification; has a fast lace system to meet the fast wear demand; with the lace library and cross-belt design, prevent the lace hook.

It is worth mentioning that environmentally-friendly flame retardant anti-drip blankets of the dialso SUPLON limit oxygen index is as high as 38%, with extremely perfect flame retardant stickers, high-efficiency and warm, anti-drop performance, with fire freely Antibacterial antiviral protective curtain contains silver plating, inner binding fluorine-containing microporous membrane composite, high-performance textiles with antibacterial antivirus and high efficiency isolation dual function and certain self-purification qualities.

High-performance fiber is an indispensable strategic new material in China's national economic development and national defense construction. In recent years, China has developed rapidly in industrialization technology, product varieties, and market technology. The product displayed showed the continued research on industry key technologies, and made important breakthroughs in the field of high performance fiber materials industry.

Among them, continuous aluminated alumina fibers have a series of advantages such as high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, antioxidation, ablation resistance, corrosion resistance, and high insulation, insulation, and more for aerospace, nuclear reaction stack, stealth materials, High temperature gas filter, etc.; aluminum oxide fiber felt is used in ceramic sintered furnace lining, automobile exhaust gas treatment catalyst carrier, heating and regenerative material, aerospace, steel, petrochemical hot thermal insulation; for a aramid fabric Aramid filament is a raw material, a woven fabric such as a flat line, twill, satin, has a good performance of high temperature resistance, anti-cutting and dimensional stability, and is widely used in aerospace, bulletpine protection, building enhancement Sports equipment and other fields; 长 has long-term thermostability, long-term temperature resistance 300 ° C, instant temperature resistance can reach 550 ° C or higher, is a C-stage heat-resistant insulation grade material, light and high, effectively improve the load capacity of the aircraft, It has a higher specific strength value than aluminum; the aramid pulp is used as a raw material with Vikahua to the aramid filament. After a series of cut-off, grinding, etc., the high fibrinth, so that it is kept opposite The high strength, high mode, high temperature resistance, friction, good chemical stability of the aramid filaments, and enhance its dispersion, grasp the admission, and other properties, forming high-strength high-mode, high dispersion, high ratio surface High-performance reinforcing materials resistant to high temperatures, chemical stability, can be used in the fields of friction materials, sealing materials, composites, and aramid paper.

It is understood that the material is lightweight generally by using a lightweight metal and non-metallic material, mainly including engineering plastics and various composites. In lightweight materials, composite materials have become the main development direction of vehicles, high-speed rails and aviation materials with their high strength, low density, and design resistance.

The aviation and rail transit with aramid honeycomb core materials have a lightweight, high, rigidity, and excellent flame retardancy, dielectric properties, corrosion resistance, anti-fatigue and impact and easy processing molding. High surface plane and high stability, it is not easy to deform after molding; it has unique backplane and absorbs vibration energy. Has been used in space aircraft, aviation, square cabin special vehicles, rowing, racing, rail transit, antenna cover, etc. are used; interiors are applied to ceilings, sideboard panels, luggage racks, floor, kitchen, bathroom, partition, etc .; Apply for rectifier hood, tail, hatch, intake pipe, hood, outer rack, antenna cover, etc.

Aramid absorbing honeycomb material is formed by impregnating an absorbing material by aramid paper honeycomb core material, with extremely high anti-fatigue properties and chemical properties, and has excellent dielectric properties; its unique honeycomb architecture has made the product Light weight, high physical properties. Electromagnetic wave interference can be controlled using an absorbing honeycomb, improve antenna direction map, improve radar measurement ranging accuracy; prevent electromagnetic interference, electromagnetic wave radiation and shaping of microwave devices and equipment. At present, the absorbing honeycombs have been applied to microwave dark rooms, electromagnetic compatible chambers, absorption load, attenuator, radar wave RCS reduction, etc.

In the context of economic globalization, the extensive rapid spread of technology has enhanced interdependence between countries, through building an industrial value chain that is suitable for domestic enterprises, optimizes relationship between enterprises, reducing transaction costs, and reducing due to relationships Problems brought by stability. To this end, the National Advanced Function Fiber Innovation Center conducts in-depth research and application of new technologies, fully excavating and explores new materials, and fully carries out technical attacks, striving to occupy technical high, and push cooperation to broader fields, higher levels, Realize resource sharing, value sharing, achievement sharing, actively integrate multiple industrial chains on the middle and lower reaches of the middle and lower reaches, and promote a chain reaction to promote the urban maturation of the industrial chain.


National Advanced Function Fiber Innovation Center

The National Advanced Function Fiber Innovation Center was officially issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, issued to the National Industrial and Information Technology, and the main objectives and task directions are: surrounding high-end fibers. Materials and textiles, functional fiber new materials, front fiber new materials, etc.

The National Advanced Function Fiber Innovation Center is set up in accordance with the "Company + Alliance" model. At present, the talent team leading to the Chinese Academy of Engineers and Academy of Engineering, the Academy of Academy of Engineering, which focuses on the engineering of the Academy of Engineering, the Academy of Academy of Engineering, and the design, processing, manufacturing integrated technology, and fibrous material, manufacturing integrated technology, and fibrous materials. , Research and development leads along the common key technologies such as fiber new materials, enhance the core competitiveness of China's textile fiber industry.

In the face of increasingly fierce international competition, the National Advanced Function Fiber Innovation Center continues to promote theoretical innovation, material innovation, technological innovation, equipment innovation and other innovations, adhere to the combination of target orientation, problem-oriented, resulting orientation, and market-oriented, around the people The growing needs of good life, adhere to key common technological development positioning, strengthen the industrialization, engineering capacity construction of innovation results, accelerate technology innovation and industrialization, adhere to market construction and operation mechanism, and persist in multi-field, multi-direction development, and effort Improve the application level of advanced function fiber industry in the downstream market, deepen the fiber industry to collaborate with other fields.

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