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[Feicheng Textile and Apparel Industry Chain Special Class Enters Enterprise and Delivers Services]
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Since the establishment of the special class for the textile and garment industry chain in Feicheng City, Tai'an, we have conscientiously implemented various work arrangements for the construction of a new industrialized and strong city in Feicheng City, closely combined with the "I do practical things for the enterprise" activity, and strived to be a good service for the development of enterprises. Waiters, instructors and policy advocates.

In order to serve the overall situation of Feicheng's new industrialization and strong city construction, and further do a good job of "strengthening the chain, extending the chain, and replenishing the chain" in the textile and garment industry chain, recently, the Feicheng Human Resources and Social Security Bureau organized a Feicheng Textile and Garment Industry Chain Benefit Enterprise Policy Presentation and Business Development Symposium. Feicheng textile and garment industry chain special class members and leaders of 20 industry chain-related enterprises participated in the event.

Feicheng Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, combined with the previous investigation, gave full play to the departmental advantages of the team leader, and organized a seminar on favorable enterprise policies and enterprise development. At the seminar, the relevant departments of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau preached the enterprise self-evaluation system for industrial chain enterprises, Small secured loans, labor dispute prevention and employment risk prevention and control policies, and answer questions for enterprises on the spot.

The heads of each enterprise exchanged views on the current problems of textile and garment enterprises, the next development direction, and how to strengthen the chain, extend the chain, and supplement the chain. The special class collected 26 questions and opinions in 4 categories raised by various enterprises on the spot. Those who could answer on the spot responded immediately, and those who could not reply on the spot were responsible for communication and coordination with the relevant departments.

In the next step, the special class of Feicheng textile and garment industry chain will highlight problem orientation, goal orientation and effect orientation, study and implement assistance measures for one enterprise, one policy, and one thing by one, and take enterprise demand as the guide and enterprise satisfaction as the goal. Promote Feicheng's textile and garment industry chain to become stronger, bigger and better, and make positive contributions to the new industrialized city.

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