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[To "weave" on the national well-known industrial clusters]
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Chain length enterprises become the powerful engine of regional industry development. In order to cultivate and form the national famous silk textile microfiber industrial cluster, Liutuan Town of Changyi City ramps the industrial foundation, further amplifies the industrial advantages, speeds up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, actively plans the new development pattern at the new starting point, and strives to build the national silk textile microfiber industry strong town.

June 17, weifang Hongfeng new material Co., Ltd. production workshop, printing machines and other production machinery roaring. "The company mainly produces wax printing cloth and clothing cloth, with the current annual production capacity of 260 million meters. Since the beginning of this year, we have overcome the impact of the epidemic and maintained sound production and operation conditions through scientific scheduling and careful organization." Company general manager Huang Zujun told reporters.

Hongfeng new material is a branch of Weifang Huabao Textile Co. LTD. Warburg textile is liu Tuan town, a traditional textile production enterprises, faced with the transformation of development, the upstream and downstream enterprises to actively connection of production factors, extension industry chain, become the first domestic set spinning, draw texturing, weaving, printing and processing, sales integration of the whole industry chain enterprises both at home and abroad, the end of the changyi city textile materials depend on the history of the outbound, Also make changyi textile enterprises in the domestic textile industry transition to seize the opportunity.

Since 2020, on the basis of ensuring the stability of the original production scale, Huabao Textile has continuously sought greater development space and started new projects for three consecutive years. In 2020, the high-grade textile fabric project with an investment of 800 million yuan and an annual output of 260 million meters started in March and came into effect in August, creating the speed of Warburg. In 2021, the textile fabric project with an annual output of 250 million meters with an investment of 200 million yuan and the high-grade textile raw material project with an annual output of 220,000 tons with an investment of 650 million yuan will be put into operation. This year, it plans to invest 110 million yuan and build a new textile fabric project of 120 million meters to consolidate its dominant position in the textile industry.

"At present, Huabao Textile has formed a production system of the whole industrial chain from the production of spinning raw materials at the front end to the sales of finished products at the end. Through the organic integration of the industrial chain, the comprehensive cost of transportation and packaging energy consumption can be saved by 200 million yuan every year. The project with an annual output of 220,000 tons of high-grade textile raw materials completed and put into operation at the end of last year has broken the monopoly of the south on textile raw materials. On the basis of meeting the needs of enterprises, it can provide POY raw materials for more than half of the textile enterprises in Changyi, which truly reflects the advantages of the chain length system. Huabao textile chairman Li Zhenbao said.

Silk, textile and microfiber are the three pillar industries of Liutuan Town, as well as the basic industries to realize high-quality development. Since this year, Liutuan Town based on the basis of industrial development, further magnify the advantages, adhere to the project as the king, strive to promote the high-quality development of traditional industries.

Hongfeng New Material Co., Ltd. has an annual production capacity of 260 million meters, becoming the largest printing and dyeing enterprise in Jiangbei of China. Kaitai Microfiber Co., LTD. Automotive interior environmental protection high simulation microfiber fabric product technology upgrade project production workshop main body is fully completed, planned to put into production before the New Year's Day; Weifang Yixing Textile Material Co., LTD. Superfine fiber synthetic leather project, a total area of 30,000 square meters of steel structure production workshop was built, not only to meet the production of enterprises, but also to absorb the production capacity of some local small and medium-sized enterprises.

Near period of time, liutuan town major key projects to accelerate the construction progress. A series of major projects landing, liutuan Town in the face of a new round of development opportunities, still maintain a strong momentum and source power.

According to statistics, at present liutuan industrial park textile printing and dyeing enterprises annual production of cloth accounted for 20% of the national market share, become jiangbei's largest decorative cloth production base and cotton textile trading market. The annual production capacity of suede microfiber, the main product of microfiber industry, is more than 38 million meters, accounting for 90% of the market share in China. A speeding up the transformation of silk textile microfiber industry cluster is poised to rise.

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