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[Polyester faucet reduces production, weaves comprehensive burden, textile chemical fiber is quite stressful]
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Prices continue to decline, polyester enterprise stock appreciation dividend since may disappear, and rapid depreciation pressure, and low production and sales, polyester inventory rapidly accumulating, industry inventory back to a month or more high level, the second half will have to increase price promotions, filament prices quickly fell one thousand yuan of above.

High inventory of polyester enterprises, especially leading enterprises, increase pressure to reduce production again. Polyester end is under pressure, some polyester factories again to reduce production to solve their own high inventory problems. In this context, at the end of June, several leading polyester enterprises plan to reduce production by 30% self-discipline again. The specific effect remains to be seen, but with the frequent fluctuation of raw material prices, how the next step of raw material development is the textile market is the most concerned. Before this weak raw materials, the market has been focusing on supply and selectively ignoring consumer demand, but now it is necessary to pay attention to the demand feedback of the downstream market!

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released information on June 27 showing that from January to May, the total profits of industrial enterprises above designated size in China reached 3,4410.0 billion yuan, up 1.0% year on year. Among them, the total profit of textile industry decreased by 2.5% year on year; the total profit of textile clothing and apparel industry decreased by 4.6% year on year; the total profit of leather, fur, feather and its products and footwear industry increased by 3.2% year on year; and the total profit of chemical fiber manufacturing industry decreased by 53.6% year on year. Once again, the whole terminal textile industry is in decline.

, on the other hand, under the fluctuations of raw materials, the early stage of the grey market inquiry atmosphere dropped again, order improve is unsustainable, and immediate benefits loss superposition bearish mentality about raw material movements, ready for the downstream consumption of basic hand is given priority to, part of the downstream existing raw material stock out measures to decrease the yield of again, downstream draw texturing and weaving falling for two weeks, for now, The opening probability of main clusters in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions is low, but the opening probability of Shengze water-jet loom is over 60%. Warp knitting probability is about 40%; Round machine open chance down to above 30%. The overall opening probability is only 40% above.

Throughout the past, the traditional off-season every year, there must be some enterprises to reduce production, production, and the first half of this year under the impact of the epidemic, resulting in the entire industry demand contraction, high inventory, the market has not recovered to usher in the off-season, so this year's off-season may be more difficult than before. Against this backdrop, the number of production cuts this year is expected to be larger than usual. Meanwhile, raw material prices have fluctuated, but remain high as they remain supported by the cost of crude oil. Low season, high cost operation, many factories have not too much money to buy raw materials, so production enthusiasm further weakened. Into July, with the conventional fabric market gradually faded, many manufacturers tired inventory speed accelerated, production reduction, holiday operation is also gradually opened, the start of the current manufacturers are generally not high, low has been in the holiday stage.

Then, as temperatures rise, factories may plan to cut production again. Then it is clear that the demand for polyester will weaken further. In fact, from the recent production and sales can also be seen, the vast majority of the time production and sales are very depressed. It can be judged that the price of polyester will be dragged down by demand. Will continue to form a negative for raw materials.

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