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[The self-sufficiency rate of textile equipment in our country exceeds 80%]
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More than 80 percent of China's textile equipment is self-supplying, and more than 50 percent of key basic parts of high-end equipment are domestically produced, Sun Ruizhe, president of the China National Textile Industry Council, said Wednesday. Relying on China Hengtian, a subsidiary of China National Machinery Group, China National Textile Industry Council will build "Advanced Textile Machinery Innovation Consortium", further integrate industrial resources, implement industrial base reconstruction projects and key technical equipment projects, and promote high-quality development of textile machinery.

Sun Ruizhe made the remarks at the launch of a three-year campaign to revitalize textile machinery held by China National Machinery Industry Corporation in Beijing on March 31.

Sun Ruizhe said that textile machinery is an important symbol of the development level and comprehensive strength of the textile industry, as well as the engine of industrial transformation and upgrading and the cornerstone of stable industrial chain. The steady development of Chinese textile machinery has achieved the scale superiority, system superiority, and innovative superiority of textile industry.

Zhang Xiaolun, chairman of National Machinery Group, said at the meeting that the next three years is the key stage of the deep structural adjustment of the textile machinery industry. National Machinery Group has launched the three-year action to revitalize textile machinery, and strives to improve the core competitiveness of the textile machinery industry and guarantee the safety of the industrial chain and supply chain of the textile machinery industry by promoting scientific and technological innovation projects and product upgrading projects through linkage.

The meeting held the China National Textile Industry Federation relying on China Hengtian to build "advanced textile machinery innovation consortium" award ceremony. Sun Ruizhe said that the two sides will jointly organize and promote the establishment of the organizational model and operation mechanism of the innovation consortium and carry out collaborative research on key issues. In the next step, China National Textile Industry Council will continue to guide and support China Hengtian to give full play to its advantages, integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the industrial chain, concentrate on solving the "bottleneck" technology, and improve the overall level of the textile machinery industry.

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