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["Textile and Garment Enterprises Travel to Wuhan" scientific and technological achievements docking activity was successfully held]
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On April 14th, Science and Technology Bureau of Xinyang City, special class of Fashion textile industry chain and Science and Technology Market of Xinyang City jointly organized the "textile and Garment Enterprise trip to Wuhan" scientific and technological achievements docking activity. Huangchuan Shengyu Garment Science and Technology Co., LTD., Henan Yucheng Textile Co., LTD., Henan Jiajing Renewable Resources Co., LTD. And other enterprises technical leaders and scientific and technological achievements transformation liaison line more than 20 people participated.

In Wuhan Textile University, he visited the State Key Laboratory of New Textile Materials and Advanced Processing Technology, Textile Science and Technology Museum, etc. In Wuhan Institute of Advanced Technology, we visited the exhibition hall of scientific and technological achievements transformation Center, microcapsule laboratory and so on. Business representatives had face-to-face communication with experts and professors, learned about the service content of the scientific and technological achievements transformation field of the scientific research institute in detail, and effectively matched the technical needs of enterprises with the research results of experts in the research institute.

This event allowed entrepreneurs to experience the powerful R&D force of universities and institutions, experience the latest R&D results directly, and have in-depth face-to-face dialogue with experts, opening up a new road for the release of scientific and technological achievements and technology docking. Enterprise representatives said that by holding such activities, they have broadened their horizons, found opportunities and provided new and more technical support for the development of enterprises. After docking, the four enterprises have reached a preliminary cooperation intention with the deliverer. In the next step, experts will be invited to visit the enterprise on the spot, and further cooperation and exchanges will be carried out to promote the integration of industry, university, research and application.

The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau will take this activity as an opportunity to play the bridging role of technology brokers and liaison personnel for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the transformation of excellent scientific and technological achievements, strengthen the tracking and understanding of the achievement holders and technology demanders with the intention of cooperation, and actively follow up the progress of the docking and transformation of relevant scientific and technological achievements. We will promptly coordinate solutions to problems and difficulties encountered in the application of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the successful application of more scientific and technological achievements.

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