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[Textile chemical fiber light red, or will increase the price]
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In some provinces, as the double control of energy consumption is still a red light warning, production restriction measures will be introduced for some energy-consuming industries to ensure the completion of the annual double control indicators. In addition, due to the tight time and heavy tasks, relatively severe measures may appear, which may further aggravate the price rise of the entire textile industry chain.

On the other hand, it will be more and more obvious in the future that energy consumption index will become the core bottleneck factor restricting the expansion of new capacity. Since the textile and chemical fiber industry are all industries with large energy consumption, under this background, if there are such strong constraints on the stock enterprises, especially on the operating rate, it can be imagined that if you want to add new capacity index, It's going to be harder.

For the downstream weaving end, the subsequent supply of raw materials will be seriously affected, and the response speed of demand and the time of short supply will be prolonged. At present, the influence of chemical industry under the dual control of energy consumption is just beginning. For some areas with fast growth rate, especially those related to new energy demand, the high energy consumption industries in the upstream may become a continuous supply bottleneck.

In 2017 and 2018, due to the tightening of environmental assessment and safety assessment, the discharge amount of sewage, solid waste and waste gas per unit of output value was taken as the core index, and a large area of small scattered pollution enterprises were shut down, many of which were concentrated in the fine chemical industry. A group of fine chemical industries, including dyestuff, had a relatively large boom at that time. And the effect has persisted to this day.

Energy consumption double control will affect the operating rate of many industries in the short and medium term, at the same time in the long term will limit the expansion of a number of energy-intensive industries, constraints on the current supply, making the energy-intensive industry gradually into a license industry, so the industry analysis, this large-scale limit to stop production or will again build momentum for price increases.

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