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[Take a look at the advantages of polypropylene staple fiber]
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What are the advantages of polypropylene staple fiber? To Qin Feng chemical fiber to tell you.

Polypropylene staple fiber is a synthetic fiber made of isotactic polypropylene obtained from propylene polymerization, which is called polypropylene in China.

Polypropylene staple fiber  is generally divided into monofilament and mesh two specifications, its physical properties are basically the same. That is, polypropylene short fiber is insoluble in water, tasteless, non-toxic, the density is about 0.91g/75px, the melting point is about 160 ° C, the ignition point is about 580 ° C, good heat resistance, good electrical conductivity, low thermal conductivity, and high acid and alkaline resistance. In order to improve the adhesion between fiber and concrete surface, the fiber surface was treated by special technology.

The melting point of polypropylene staple fiber is low (165 ~ 173℃), and the stability of light and heat is poor, so the heat resistance and aging resistance of polypropylene staple fiber are poor, and heat stabilizer and anti-aging agent are usually added to improve its performance. Its hygroscopic and dyeing properties are the worst in synthetic fibers, the moisture recovery rate is less than 0.03%, and ordinary dyes can not make it colored, so a certain amount of coloring masterbatch is added to raw polypropylene in spinning to make the fibers colored.

The production process of polypropylene staple fiber mainly adopts porous, low speed and continuous process, that is, short spinning process. Polypropylene staple fiber and cotton blended, can be made into c cotton muslin, bed sheets, that is, fiber and viscose blended can be made into blankets, polypropylene pure spinning and wool yarn blended, polypropylene blankets, polypropylene cotton smoke filter. The fiber thickness of sanitary products is 1.5-2.5dtex, and the fiber thickness of floor fabrics is 5-10 dtex. Depending on the purpose of the fiber, the length of the fiber is generally 1.5 mm to 200.0 mm. Short fiber lengths are 1.5-200.0 mm for concrete, 40.0 mm for diapers, and 60.0 mm for floor fabrics.

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