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[Special activities on light textile industry docking were held in Nanning]
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On June 16, the 2024 China Industrial Transfer Development Docking Activity (Guangxi) light industry textile industry docking special activity was held in Nanning, and a total of 27 industrial transfer cooperation projects were signed at the event site, with a total contract amount of more than 12.8 billion yuan.

The reporter learned from the connecting activity that in 2023, the total output value of Guangxi's light textile industry is nearly 600 billion yuan, and a number of characteristic and advantageous industrial clusters such as food processing, high-end furniture and home furnishing, textile and clothing, household appliances, and electric bicycles have been cultivated, and the momentum of high-quality development has been rapid. The production of raw silk in Guangxi has ranked first in China for 14 consecutive years. The output of wooden hangers and special-shaped plywood ranks first in China. Machine-made paper and paperboard production jumped to sixth in the country; The output of household refrigerators and washing machines ranked seventh in China. The output value of the food industry exceeded 300 billion yuan.

At present, Guangxi is accelerating the construction of an important undertaking and production base of the China-Asean light textile industry, cultivating and expanding the whole industrial chain cluster, and promoting the high-end, intelligent and green development of the industry by investing in the field of advanced textile manufacturing and high value-added links to strengthen and extend the chain.

During the docking activities on the same day, Yulin, Wuzhou, Guigang, Hechi, Qinzhou and other districted cities focused on their respective resource endowments and industrial characteristics. A supply and demand manual was also released at the event site to build a bridge of communication for regional industrial cooperation.

"Through the industrial transfer and connection activities, Guangxi will deepen industrial cooperation between the east and the west, commit to promoting the upgrading of the chain of light textile industry clusters, build trans-regional cross-border industrial chain supply chain, and form a perfect closed loop of the China-Asean light textile industry chain supply chain in Guangxi." The relevant person in charge of the industry and information Department of the autonomous region said.

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