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  • Polypropylene staple fiber is of great significanc[2018/12/11]
    When polypropylene staple fibers are blended into concrete, the static modulus of elasticity is lower than that of ordinary concrete.When the polypropylene staple fiber blending ratio is in the range of 0.05%~0.10%, the change of fiber content has little effect on the static elastic modulus, but the fatigue deformation modulus increases with the increase of the blending rate. This indicates that polypropylene staple fibers can exert greater effects on the structure under dynamic loading. polypropylene staple fibers with low modulus of elasticity and high fatigue strength are better at improvin......[ Read More ]
    Qinfeng | Seminar on “New Process, New Technology,[2018/12/5]
    In order to increase pollution control in the chemical fiber textile industry, we will continue to promote the comprehensive discharge of industrial pollution sources and win the blue sky defense war. From December 1st to 2nd, the new technology of energy-saving environmental protection and clean production in the chemical fiber textile industry sponsored by China Market Magazine Seminar on new technologies and new models was held in Hangzhou.According to Wan Lei, deputy director and senior engineer of the Science and Technology Department of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, in China......[ Read More ]
    Polypropylene staple fiber can be said to be a goo[2018/12/5]
    polypropylene staple fibers can be added to concrete to form a variety of different network structures, so that the entire concrete has various cracks during the hardening process, and it is even difficult to further develop.These polypropylene staple fibers make the concrete more resistant to cracking. Because their structural role is very strong, the ability to resist penetration is also very good, it is an effective rigid waterproof material for concrete, and the whole range is also very wide.The polypropylene material has high strength and elasticity, which is beneficial to the processing ......[ Read More ]
    Qinfeng | In October, the profits of industrial en[2018/11/28]
    From January to October, the total profits of industrial enterprises above designated size reached 552.118 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.6% (according to the comparable caliber, considering the adjustment of the statistic system, the enhancement of statistical enforcement, the elimination of duplicate data, the divestiture of corporate reform, etc.) The growth rate slowed by 1.1 percentage points from January to September.From January to October, among the industrial enterprises above designated size, state-owned holding enterprises realized a total profit of 167.24 billion yuan,......[ Read More ]
    Qinfeng | The "butterfly effect" of oil plunging, [2018/11/28]
    Recently, the international crude oil market has been hit by "cold air." After hitting the highest in the year in early October, the roller coaster style began to "fall down."Take the lead and move the whole body. In the past year, affected by the fluctuation of oil prices, the industrial chain built by the middle and lower reaches of the chemical industry and manufacturing enterprises closely related to oil has also ushered in new industry status and challenges to varying degrees, inciting the entire industry. "The Butterfly Effect".The reporter learned that due ......[ Read More ]
    Spinning process of polypropylene staple fiber[2018/11/28]
    polypropylene staple fiber adopts different production processes in the production process, and the obtained polypropylene staple fiber will also become different. In the spinning process, the polypropylene staple fiber has a coarse sand process, a fine sand process and a drawing process.1. polypropylene staple fiber - roving processAdopting the principle of “low speed, large gauge and large quantity”, the cleaning work is strengthened, the rubber roller and roller are cleaned regularly, the tension draft is controlled, and the roving break is reduced.2, polypropylene staple fiber - spinning p......[ Read More ]
    The important position of polypropylene staple fib[2018/11/28]
    The important position of polypropylene staple fiber in cryogenic refrigeration equipmentWith the increasing demand for low-temperature environments in various fields such as biotechnology, medical care, and energy, small-scale cryogenic refrigeration devices have been rapidly developed. At the same time, the requirements for refrigeration temperature, efficiency, stability, size, weight and service life of the refrigerator used in space are getting higher and higher. The development of high-efficiency, compact and light-weight cryogenic refrigeration equipment has become a research hotspot of......[ Read More ]
    Analysis of the status quo of the dye industry in [2018/11/13]
    In 2018, the average price of the dye market will be slightly higher than that in 2017, but the overall upside is small, and the increase is estimated at around 5%, and the price fluctuation range during the year is also difficult to increase. Dyes are not only limited to the dyeing and printing of textiles, but also in the fields of paint, plastic, paper, leather, optoelectronic communication, food and so on. The following analysis of the current status of the dye industry.Analysis of the status quo of the dye industry In 2016, China's dye production reached 928,000 tons, apparent consump......[ Read More ]
    Engineering anti-seismic fiber “ polypropylene sta[2018/11/13]
    polypropylene staple fiber can be used as construction engineering fiber, and it can be surface treated by special production process. It has strong adhesion with cement base material and can comprehensively improve the comprehensive performance of sand or concrete.polypropylene staple fiber can effectively improve the crack resistance, impermeability, impact resistance, shock resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, wear resistance of concrete, and has good workability, no stickiness, no segregation, no bleeding, easy to disperse, Never lose color and so on.polypropylene staple fiber seismic short......[ Read More ]
    Qinfeng: October textile industry PMI fell year-on[2018/11/6]
    Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics Service Industry Research Center and the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing released the China Purchasing Managers Index (PMI). In October, the manufacturing PMI was 50.2%, down 0.6 percentage points from the previous month, and the expansion rate slowed down.In October, the manufacturing PMI hit a new low since March this year, but it is still 0.1 percentage points higher than February affected by the Spring Festival holiday factor, and is more than 50% for 27 consecutive months. In addition, among the 21 industries surveyed in October, th......[ Read More ]
    Polypropylene staple fiber that can reduce enginee[2018/11/6]
    polypropylene staple fiber can prevent the shrinkage crack of mortar and concrete; improve the toughness of concrete; enhance the anti-seepage and crack resistance of concrete; improve the impact strength of the wall; improve the peeling resistance of concrete; improve the impermeability Sexual, freeze-thaw; enhance the function of retaining tendons; prevent cracking of mortar and prevent crack propagation. Tens of millions of fibers are evenly distributed in the concrete, which plays a very good role in micro-reinforcing, so that the integrity of the structure is well maintained, and the stru......[ Read More ]
    Deep interpretation: The polyester industry chain [2018/10/30]
    In recent years, international oil prices have continued to rise, rising from a low of $30/barrel to a four-year high of around $80/barrel. But this week, with Saudi Arabia’s consecutive voices saying that it will increase crude oil production from the existing 10.7 million barrels per day to 12 million barrels per day, international oil prices plunged sharply on Wednesday, and the NYSE’s December delivery was light. Crude oil futures closed at $66.43 a barrel, down 4.22%; London Brent crude for December delivery closed at $76.44 a barrel, down 4.25%."Kashupi incident" forced Saudi A......[ Read More ]
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