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  • Lu Yaping: The textile industry must continue to i[2018/3/12]
    Lu Yaping, chairman of the 13th National People's Congress and chairman of Jiangsu Yaping Group, was an old representative for three consecutive terms. She said that this year's government work report mentioned the expression "let private enterprises show their skills in the tide of the market economy." Let her feel warm. The company is also a small family, and he himself is the head of the family. The state's resolute attitude of supporting, protecting, and encouraging the development of private enterprises allows them to feel at ease and attentive. At the same time, the......[ Read More ]
    About High Shrinkage Polyester Staple Fiber[2018/3/12]
    The research and development of high-shrinkage polyester staple fiber has attracted more and more attention in the last decade. Due to its potentially high shrinkage properties, the product produced has a unique style of compact, breathable and soft, and is widely used, such as high-grade blankets and imitation leather. Base cloth, acupuncture, and sanitary materials such as spunlace. Not only that, the inherent thermal shrinkage properties of polyester staple fiber are utilized in production, which can save the traditional cumbersome processes, simplify the production process, and reduce equi......[ Read More ]
    Disparity between supply and demand continue to ag[2018/3/1]
    During the Spring Festival, the dye market to attract eye-catching events continued: dye stocks rose gratifying, a well-known factory explosion in Jiangsu so that we can squeeze a sweat, the Ministry of Commerce on the origin of imported o-chloroaniline in India anti-dumping duties imposed on the implementation period Five years from February 13, 2018, a stone elicits a ripple.Due to the frequent occurrence of important events, the supplier's guess about dye price increases gradually. February 27, Colorful Cloud Research leading companies in disperse dyes was informed that March 1 disperse......[ Read More ]
    Application of antibacterial polypropylene staple [2018/3/1]
    Polypropylene macromolecular structure itself has a strong antibacterial, but in the spinning process used in a variety of additives and oil, textile dyeing process used in the finishing agent, additives, etc., will become almost The breeding conditions of all microorganisms, resulting in polypropylene fiber textiles become pathogenic bacteria reproduction and transmission process is an important media. To this end, research and development of antibacterial (antibacterial) polypropylene staple fiber fabric is extremely important.Bacteriostatic (antibacterial) polypropylene staple fiber is a ne......[ Read More ]
    Tight environmental protection overlay demand seas[2018/2/27]
    Tight environmental protection, backward production capacity orderly eliminatedTightening environmental policy, the industry higher cost of environmentally friendly production. Dye production process will produce a lot of waste acid, organic waste and other harmful substances. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the biggest problem in the dye industry lies in environmental protection. Due to the low illegal costs, a large number of small and medium enterprises with high energy consumption and high pollution have survived. Since 2017, the "Emission Standards for Dye Industry......[ Read More ]
    Affect the strength and elongation of polypropylen[2018/2/27]
    The main factors that determine the strength and elongation of polypropylene staple fiber yarn are the fiber properties and yarn structure. Blended yarns are also affected by the differences in the properties of blended fibers and the blend ratio.1, the nature of the fiberLength of fiber, linear density:Longer fiber length, thinner fibers, the larger friction between the fibers in the yarn resistance, easy to slip, so the yarn strength is higher.When the fiber length uniformity is good, the fiber fine and uniform, into a uniform yarn, weak ring less significant, is conducive to the improvement......[ Read More ]
    Anhui seed cotton prices stable cotton prices bust[2018/2/26]
    Recently, the weather was fine in eastern Anhui, cotton enterprises bustling, an endless stream of vehicles, the sale of seed cotton, lint sales, seeding cottonseed ...... The wave of lively, mainly due to the Spring Festival, cotton farmers, cotton High enthusiasm for the sale of cotton, cotton prices for the sale of cottonseed, lint faster.As of February 5, the local purchase price of seed cotton basically stable at 3.12-3.06 yuan / kg, a few 37.5% of the price of seed cotton at 3.00 yuan / kg, cottonseed price of 1.00 yuan / kg, lint price at 14000-14600 yuan / Ton (delivery, gross weight, ......[ Read More ]
    Polyester staple fiber | Polyester fiber What is t[2018/2/26]
    "Big Chemical Fiber" refers to the use of relatively sophisticated imported and domestic production equipment, the use of polyester melt direct spinning method or indirect polyester chip spinning method of spinning out of polyester staple fiber. As the "big chemical fiber" products are basically qualified raw materials used grade, so its regular product quality indicators are superior. "Large fiber" polyester staple fiber is the leading raw material of cotton textile industry. "Large fiber" production equipment is to eat "thin grain" equipment.......[ Read More ]
    2018 Several positive textile industry, a few unce[2018/2/3]
    Yesterday, China Textile Machinery recently released "the current textile industry economic operation and trend" shows: In 2017, China's textile industry adhere to deepen supply-side structural reforms, efforts to resolve various external risks, generally maintained a steady progress, stable In the improvement of the development trend of all economic indicators have achieved positive growth, some indicators of growth over the previous year has been accelerated, the operational effectiveness of a steady increase in the effectiveness of the transformation and upgrading gradually sh......[ Read More ]
    Why choose polypropylene staple fiber?[2018/2/3]
    Polypropylene staple fiber can well improve mortar / concrete crack resistance, impermeability, abrasion resistance, antifreeze ability, antiknock ability and improve the workability of concrete. Tens of thousands of polypropylene staple fiber are evenly distributed in the mortar / concrete, and play a very good role of micro-reinforcement, polypropylene staple fiber well to maintain the integrity of the structure, to avoid the impact of structural damage dispersed into many Debris, to prevent the corrosion of the structure of steel, polypropylene staple fiber can greatly extend the service li......[ Read More ]
    Polyester staple fiber's characteristics and uses[2018/1/29]
    Polyester staple fiber is made of polyester as a raw material of a few centimeters to ten centimeters of short fibers.Polyester staple fiber features and uses:Strength: Polyester staple fiber strength nearly 1 times higher than cotton, wool 3 times higher, so strong and durable polyester fabric.Heat resistance: Polyester staple fiber can be used in 70 ~ 1700C, synthetic fiber is the best heat resistance and thermal stability.Elasticity: The elasticity of polyester staple fiber is close to that of wool, the wrinkle resistance is better than other fibers, the fabric is not wrinkled, and the guar......[ Read More ]
    The first autonomous region-level textile export q[2018/1/29]
    Xinjiang vigorously develop the quality and safety demonstration zone to lead the high-quality development of the industry. Recently, the first municipality-level textile export quality and safety demonstration zone in Xinjiang settled in Aksu Textile Industrial City (Development Zone).January 28, Xinjiang Exit Inspection and Quarantine Inspection and Supervision Director Di Li Baier · Sha Beiti introduction, Aksu Textile Industrial City (Development Zone) made "autonomous region-level export of textile quality and safety demonstration zone" title, will Aksu Overall improvement of th......[ Read More ]
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