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[Polypropylene staple fiber enhances its strengths and avoids its weaknesses, and has a wide range of uses]
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polypropylene staple fiber enhances its strengths and avoids its weaknesses, and has a wide range of uses

polypropylene staple fiber has light texture, low price, dry and cool, good warmth, non-toxic, high strength, good pilling resistance, good abrasion resistance, good elasticity, good antistatic property, good chemical stability, and insect resistance It has many excellent properties such as mildew resistance, anti-staining and odor resistance, and anti-sun exposure.

Utilizing many unique and excellent properties of polypropylene staple fiber to maximize its strengths and avoid weaknesses, its uses are quite extensive. Polypropylene staple fiber can be used in three major areas: clothing, decoration, and industry.

Application of polypropylene staple fiber clothing: pure cotton or blended yarn with cotton and polyester, blended with acrylic fiber, blended with wool to make thick colored polypropylene yarn, sanitary products, shoe lining, sportswear, mountaineering clothes, blended gloves And other products.

polypropylene staple fiber decoration applications: thick denier colored polypropylene pure spinning or blended spinning or non-woven fabrics, made into sofa, furniture fabrics, automotive decorative fabrics, wall coverings, decorative non-woven fabrics, carpets and other products.

polypropylene staple fiber industrial applications: woven fabrics and non-woven fabrics, made into cord fabrics for rickshaw tires, rubber belt base fabrics for transportation, industrial canvases, fishing nets, ropes, various engineering geotextiles and artificial turf base fabrics , High-performance filter cloth, hot rolled or needle punched non-woven fabrics and other products.

Haian Qinfeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of polypropylene staple fiber, PP staple fiber, polyester staple fiberfunctional polypropylene staple fiberfunctional polyester staple fiber, and hydrophilic polyester staple fiber. Our company mainly produces polypropylene staple fiber and polyester staple fiber: specifications 1.5D to 200D, length 5-150mm, product color sky blue, red, yellow, black, etc., can be customized. Polypropylene staple fiber and polyester staple fiber are rich in variety, support color to map or sample customization, fully meet your individual needs.

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