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[Polypropylene staple fiber is an ideal raw material for making outdoor clothing]
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polypropylene staple fiber is an ideal raw material for making outdoor clothing

polypropylene staple fiber has excellent performance characteristics such as light weight, quick-drying, cold protection and warmth and pure natural antibacterial properties, so it is an ideal raw material for making outdoor clothing.

But polypropylene staple fiber has a problem, that is, its dyeing performance is not good. Because the polypropylene fiber in the polypropylene staple fiber is a non-polar structure, it does not contain the genes that other fibers usually contain that can bind dye molecules by means of polar bonds or hydrogen bonds, so unmodified polypropylene cannot be dyed. But at present, this problem can be improved by adding color masterbatch, fiber surface treatment, copolymer bulk modification and bulk modification with dyeable components can also be carried out.

After polypropylene staple fiber has improved the problem of dyeing, it has become more and more widely used in the clothing industry.

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