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[Polyester staple fiber is used in non-woven industry]
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Polyester staple fiber is used in non-woven industry

In our impression, the application of polyester fiber is mostly related to "clothes" in clothing, food, housing and transportation. However, a large part of polyester staple fiber is also made into spunbic non-woven cloth, which is used in fields such as disinfection wipes and medical protective clothing.

Polyester Staple Fiber, as the Polyester Staple Fiber, is made of Polyester Fiber which is cut into a specified length (usually a few to tens of millimeters). Polyester staple fiber has excellent physical and mechanical properties, and has the appearance similar to natural fiber. The products are mainly used for spinning, weaving, wire making, non-woven fabric processing, and can also be used for home decoration fabrics, packaging cloth, filling and thermal materials, with good wear resistance.

Polyester staple fiber or other fibers can be processed through the production line to form non-woven fabrics.

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