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[How to distinguish fabric made using functional polypropylene Staple fiberis]
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The use of functional polypropylene staple fiberis very wide, and with the development of spinning machines, the development and application of functional polypropylene staple fiberis have a broader prospect with the development of nonwoven fabrics. In the past ten years, due to the development of chemical fiber technology and equipment, the international polypropylene fiber production is in the rapid development period, and the yield of polypropylene fibers in my country is also considerable. Its products mainly have ordinary filaments, short fibers, expandable filaments, smoke tow, industrial wire, nonwoven fabric, etc.

However, the functional polypropylene staple fiberis has a low melting point (165 ~ 173 ° C), poor light, thermal stability, soopropylene fiber heat resistance, poor aging resistance, usually adopting a thermal stabilizer and an anti-aging agent to improve its performance. Its hygroscopicity and dyeness are the worst in the synthetic fibers, and the slot margin is less than 0.03%, and the ordinary dyes cannot be colored, so that the fiber is added to the raw material polypropylene during spinning. Coloration.

Polypropylene short fiber

In terms of apparel,functional polypropylene staple fiberis can be made into knitwear, such as underwear, socks, etc., can be made into long plush products, such as shoe lining, large lining, children's coat, etc., can also make children's clothing, overalls, etc. Underwear, raised fabric and cuff line, etc. It is worth noting that due to the low production cost of polypropylene, the price is relatively inexpensive, the color is light (i.e., the area of the same weight, the area weaved by polypropylene, is 20% to 40% lower than other chemical fibers), so the market Some unscrupulous traders speak the polypropylene elastic silk jersey as a nylon stretch silk jacket, some in the acrylic product incorporate polypropylene, pay attention to identification when purchasing.

Functional polypropylene staple fiberis have his own advantages, but there is also a significant shortcoming in needle weaving clothes, or hopes to be able to do with the biggest advantage of functional polypropylene staple fiberis.

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