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[The effect of polypropylene short fiber anti-static electricity]
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       The use of polypropylene short fibers is very wide, and with the development of spinning machines, the development and application of polypropylene short fibers have a broader prospect with the development of nonwoven fabrics. In the past ten years, due to the development of chemical fiber technology and equipment, the international polypropylene fiber production is in the rapid development period, and the yield of polypropylene fibers in my country is also considerable. Its products mainly have ordinary filaments, short fibers, expandable filaments, smoke tow, industrial wire, nonwoven fabric, etc.


       When the fibrous anti-electrostatic parent particles in a polypropylene short fibers are blended with different content of the documented component, the antistatic effect is slightly influential, the addition of the stainless component, part of which is partly uniform, plus the anticorescent component The addition of the dye component enhances the binding ability of the fibers to the air molecules in the air to enhance its antistatic properties; but due to the "dispersion" of the electrostatic agent part, it is possible to form an antistatic agent and an external isolation. Instead, the antistatic properties are reduced, and the addition of the sundex of the stainless component is most limited.

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