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The epidemic wind of the textile and apparel fashion product has now started from the upstream fiber terminal. 2021YARNEXPO Autumn and Winter Yarn Exhibition, fiber new visits - Textile Material Innovation Forum held 3 topic forums, including Chinese fiber epidemic trends, green and sustainable fiber specials and domestic Leeder fibers special.

Among them, in China's fiber epidemic, Wang Hua Ping, Professor Donghua University, has interpreted 2021/2022 China fiber epidemic trends; Sun Yanlin, chief engineer Tongkun Group, introduced the process route and research and development of hot and humidity function polyester fiber; from Zhejiang Jia people Guo Yuling, New Material Co., Ltd., introduced the recycled DMT refining technology of waste textiles and its high-value products; Zheng Yubi, R & D Director, Director, Shenhe Fiber Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the development of high-strength polyamide 6 fiber; Anhui Fengyuan Biological Fiber Chen Zhongbi, General Manager of Co., Ltd., introduced the development and application of "carbon neutral" strategy; Yao Maohu, Vice President of Qingdao Baishu New Materials Co., Ltd., introduced the broad application prospects of large biological fibers.

Fiber epidemic trend

High quality development in empowering industry

China's fiber epidemic trend was born 10 years ago, it has been released for 10 years. Wang Huaping has summarized the highlights achieved by fiber epidemic research in 10 years.

Wang Huaping said that in the past 10 years, China's fiber epidemic trend continues to show China's fiber technology, shaping China's fiber brand; the high-quality development of the chemical fiber industry, promotes the "supply side structure reform" for the entire textile industry, and implements "three products" Strategy, relying on soft power driver transformation and upgrade indicates the direction; dedication to the opening of the textile industry chain, promoting the deep integration of the fibrous industrial chain, promoting the acceleration of chemical fiber industry to form a new development pattern that has been promoted by domestic circulation as the main body and domestic international double cycle.

According to reports, in the past 10 years, China's fiber epidemic has released more than 200 kinds of fiber products and participated in more than 400 companies. 90% of companies believe that China's fiber epidemic trends have played a positive role in promoting selection companies.

In the past 10 years, fiber technology has completed the popularity of fashion, the release theme of the previous China fiber epidemic trend, both in line with the actual market, and leading the fashion. Take "ecological environmental protection, green low carbon" in 2013/2014, this topic is currently a hot spot. In the past 10 years, a group of chemical fiber companies have continued to increase, and the innovation capacity is significantly increased, and the profit margin is significantly improved. For example, the epidemic fibers released in 2021/2022, the average profit margin is 14.2%, which is 3.46 times the industry average.

Wang Huaping introduced that in 10 years, my country's fiber products have gradually improved to medium and high-end, and some products have reached the international leading level, such as melt straight spinning font. In the past 10 years, we have continued to show the strength of China's fibrous brand, including green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, cleaning production standards, etc., including productivity, appearance indicators, social responsibility, quality and safety certification. In various fields, China's fiber has become a global leader, represents the highest level of global, such as functional fibers, regeneration fibers, and bio-based fibers.

In terms of form, the spread and promotion platform for fiber epidemic trends is created. The release form is constantly rich, from a single to diversification, from plane to three-dimensional, from static to dynamic, from line to line; release channels continue to expand, such as , Currently using the line + line + applet. During the March this year, the total number of exhibits in the small procedure reached 974, with a total demand for 153, and the total page total number of pages was 26,892 times.

In particular, during the epidemic, through multi-platform synchronous live, activities attracted domestic fiber production enterprises, textile industry chain partners, fashion world brand representatives, designers, textile and garment professional colleges and universities, and consumers online watch. The total number of people in the whole network has a total viewing of 34 million, and the number of online views is as high as more than 700,000.

Wang Huaping emphasized: "10 years ago, we only dared to say that he was a big country, but we did not say that we were a strong country. Why? Because many businesses have not yet marked with the international level. But now we can find China Fiber The overall style and image are indeed different. We continue to make Chinese fiber epidemic trends, that is to push the overall image of China's fibers to consumers and terminal brands, so that consumers can use the best fiber, let the terminal Brand can work with the best fiber suppliers, and finally formed from fibers to downstream brands, and then go to the consumer's closed-loop system. "

Talking about the future development trend of fibers, Wang Huaping pointed out that high-quality multi-functional fiber is highly efficient and flexible preparation and specialization, high-end high-performance fiber scale preparation technology and low cost industrialization, biological chemical fiber scale and process Equipment level improvement and product development, intelligent manufacturing key technology and intelligent cutting-edge product development technology improve, green low-carbon fiber sustainable development levels, and the construction of brand, talents, standards and certification systems.

Interpretation of hot and humidity

Polyester fiber process route

Tongkun Group has currently has 10 million tons of crude oil processing rights, 4.2 million tons of PTA, 7.7 million tons of aggregation, 8.3 million tons of polyester filaments, annual production and processing capacity of 800,000 tons plus bomb. Its polyester filaments include POY, DTY, FDY, ITY, composite wire, medium strong silk 6 series, more than 1,000 varieties, including Poy, FDY, DTY three series products selected for national green design products. Its 5 special series of products include green source, Shuofi, bombs, colorful silk and Kang Yi.

Sun Yanlin focused on the process route and research and development of hot and humidity functional fibers. According to reports, in 2017, Tongkun Group participated in the national key R & D plan project issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, with this, with this opportunity, 5 textile specialty colleges, such as Donghua University, and Ruyi Group, Jia Linjie, Sunshine The group and other well-known enterprises work together to develop multi-point online to add melt braided production of functional hot wet wires.

Hot and humidity functional fibers select a suitable comonomer, break through the controlled polymerization technique of moistureter polyester, and improve the water purification of the polyester material. This design is designed to high-standard cross-sectional spool plate and function masterbatch addition technology, optimize the humidification, moisture and cool, moisturizing heat-free fiber spinning technology.

Sun Yanlin introduced: "After a small trial, the product of the successful product is verified and serialized, changing the content of coolness and warm sensing, as well as fiber section design, and optimizes the sewer design, and advances engineering. "

The test products of the series of fibers include: cold sensing fiber (jade powder), three types of circular holes, cross, caterpillar; and warm fibers (coffee carbon), three kinds of round holes, hollow, caterpillar Spinheral hole. Among them, the core technology of the moisture and cool fiber is a good ventilation moisture absorbing structure, and the cooling fiber prepared high stability; the core technology of moisture absorption and heat fibers is to prevent the body from escaping, and after heat absorption Infrared light.

According to reports, the function of functional pellets will have an impact on product wobbleability and performance indicators. From the viewpoint of tie performance index from cool fibers, in the cooling effect of cool fibers, when the amount of the masterbatch is 5% (the effective content of jade powder is 1%), the fiber can show a better cool sensation. effect. At the same time, the fiber gasification moisture effect of cross section is best.

In terms of moisture absorption, the coffee carbon is blended with PET, the twin screw is moltered, and the tensile strip, and the particles are obtained. The POY cross section of the heating fibers is relatively regular, and the hollow fiber section is very obvious. Adopt hollow section, which is beneficial to keep the air inside to achieve warmth effect. The warm sensing series is in the test process, as the mass particle proportion increases, its spinning assembly is significantly decreased, and the elongation is gradually growing, and the spinning process is more severe than the cooling fiber. When the amount of coffee carbon pellets is less than 7%, the POY breakage intensity has not changed significantly; when the amount of addition is 9%, the POY breakage intensity is significantly reduced. The thermal effect of hollow cross-section fibers is preferably, hollow cross-section is basically disappeared, but still has a significant fluffy. The far infrared emissivity of the fiber reached 0.89, and the far-infrared radiation temperature increased by 2.1 ° C.

How to engineered it? Sun Yanlin said: "The ultimate goal is to develop melt-splicing products, reaching product precision design, quality precision control, cost accurate control, customer precision docking. Due to the large melt brake scale, intelligent manufacturing is functional polyester The development of the chemical fiber industry is inevitable. "

High value regeneration polyester

  Market prospects

Zhejiang Jiaren New Materials Co., Ltd. is used as raw materials, and has high quality, multi-function, traceable and recyclable polyester fibers. At present, the annual output of its regenerative polyester is 30,000 tons, and the second phase of the annual production of 70,000 tons of regenerative polyester project has started construction. After the completion of the second phase, the annual capacity of its regenerative polyester will increase to 100,000 tons.

Guo Yun said that my country is a large country of textile, but the recycling rate of waste textiles is low, less than 15%, causing serious environmental pollution, and improving the comprehensive utilization of waste textiles. my country has issued relevant policies to support the recovery of waste textiles. Especially in the moment, the utilization of waste textiles in my country can help my country reach "carbon-carbon peaks, carbon neutral" goals.

According to the relevant measure, if the 32 million ton of waste textile can be recovered once a year, it can reduce 46.8 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, saving 260 million tons of crude oil, reducing the occupied cultivated area of 30.3 million mu, greatly reduces environmental pollution.

Currently, a group of internationally renowned brands such as Nike, Adidas have developed plans for regenerative polyester substitution native polyester. It is estimated that by 2030, the market size of regenerated polyester will increase to 1 trillion yuan, and the market scale of regeneration polyester will increase to more than 35 million yuan.

Guo Yun said that the regenerative polyester produced by chemical method can achieve closed-loop recovery, and the regenerated product produced can be comparable to the original polyester. The company can achieve high value regeneration of waste textiles by mellow-ester exchange. Pre-treatment of waste textiles is an important prerequisite for efficient solution, including sorting, zone, breaking, drying and feeding links. Regeneration DMT synthesis, refining technology is the core, alcohol-ester exchange is the only way to prepare high purity DMT in industrialization. With high purity DMT as raw materials, high value regeneration products can be produced.

According to reports, the high-value products of Jiaren New Materials include regenerated non-bismuth polyester slice, regenerative normally pressed cationic polyester slice, series regenerative differential filaments, high performance engineering plastics (PETG slices).

"Ability to recycle, product can be traced back the highlight characteristics of the company's recycled products. Leading chemical recycling technology, can achieve permanent closed, permanent circulation circles in clothes to clothes. Our fibers have exclusive DNA, which can be traced back Solve the worries of customers. "Guo Yajun said.

Gao Qiang nylon 6

Better satisfying personalized demand

Changleheng Shenti Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. has now formed a nylon 6 full-industrial chain covering "cyclohexanone-caprolactam-polyamide-nylon 6 spinning-nylon 6 plus-alone-weaving-dyeing," The world's leading caprolactam, ammonium sulfate, cyclohexanone supplier.

Zheng Yu Lei focused on the relevant situation of the company's high-strength nylon 6. "Why should we develop high-strength nylon 6? First, the demand for the downstream customers has diversity, and conventional nylon 6 cannot meet their needs; the second is the intensity and wear resistance of nylon 6 in the field of industrial, military use; third Conventional nylon 6 intensity is not enough. "He said.

What is the preparation technology of Gao Qiang Nylon 6? Zheng Yuilei introduced that in terms of slice, the unique polymerization formulation is prepared by two-stage aggregation and slice multi-segment extraction techniques, and the low polymer content is prepared. In terms of spinning process, Hendects utilizes high-efficiency cooling, multiplied, high-efficiency thermal type, long spinning, slow-cooling spinning techniques to ensure that the melt is ejected from the spray plate, slow cooling, and prevents the formation of the skin. Structure, making high strength nylon fibers.

Taking the film FDY filament as an example, the fiber is high, the wear resistance is good, the moisture absorption is good, the fabric elasticity and elastic recovery are good, including large light, half-luminous, all-shot series, and intensity covers 6.20cn / DTEX ~ 8.62CN / DTEX. Among them, the fracture strength of the FDY fibers of 20D / 06F can reach 8.45 cn / dtex.

In terms of application, high-strength nylon 6 fibers can be used in civilians such as cycling clothing, parachute, shoe, outdoor tents, and military textiles such as camouflage services.

Biological polylactic acid material

Can be "emission reduction"

Anhui Fengyuan Biological Fiber Co., Ltd. is mainly used by polylactic acid fibers and articles. The company has 5,000 tons / year polylactic acid short fiber, 1000 tons / year polylactic acid filament, 200 ton / annihobic shaft, and 20,000 ingot tether textile yarn 4 polylactic acid downstream product production line.

Chen Zhongbi pointed out that "marine plastic pollution" has been highly concerned with global. The world has released a ban / restriction order to reduce the use of petroleum-based materials, and advocate the use of bio-based materials. The bio-based degradable plastic carbon dioxide emissions are only about 25% of the petroleum-based plastic. The use of biological degradable materials not only reduces carbon emissions, but also effectively solves "white pollution" problems. In addition, its raw material source can be regenerated, never depleted.

At present, Fengyuan has mastered the preparation, fermentation, extraction purification of maize, fermentation, extraction and purification, and 6 core technologies produced by polylactic acid polymerization, environmentally friendly fiber and environmentally friendly plastic. Fengyuan also developed non-grain processing route produced lactic acid, re-polymerizing the production of polylactic acid with straw cellulose, and realized the key technological breakthrough of cellulose raw material biological transformation. At present, it is 50,000 tons of production capacity of Mahara, and is under construction of 300,000 tons of polylactic acid production line.

In order to expand the application range of polylactic acid materials in the textile field, Fengyuan also has developed polylactic acid knitting and woven fabric, and related clothing apparel, home, family, and weave materials such as lactic acid terminal products, including scarves, windbreakers, 4 pieces of bedding, shirt, sportswear, pajamas, children's wear, jeans, curtains, etc.

According to reports, Fengyuan also cooperates with the downstream enterprises, expands product application, such as the development of "19% PLA + 81% nylon", and cooperates with pleasant home textiles and cotton, day Blended bed fabric.

Big biological fiber

Contains the future of plant components

Qingdao Herb New Materials Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology company specializing in big biomarker materials. The company combines textile technology with biotechnology. Based on the advantages of traditional fiber characteristics, the company gives native vegetative function, collecting industrial advantages, and creates fiber composite characteristics. According to the product characteristics, select the supercritical, hydroly, and alcohol and other techniques using the front end to ensure the excellent characteristics of the active molecule.

Yao Mao said that the disciplines involved in large biological fibers include materials science, life science, molecular biology, biochemistry, etc. The company's products are naturally inspired by natural plants, and zero added by chemical composition is achieved with natural plants. "Various plants in nature have different activity functions, we extract them out, use the fibers to form large biological materials."

According to reports, the extract included in the company's large biological fibers has original tea, warace, robe, lavender, slate blue root, etc. Key technologies for the preparation of large biofibers, including biologically active molecular extraction techniques and active molecular nest preparation and fusion. The preparation process of the fibers includes extraction, coating, spinning, implantation, and branches.

Thanks to product characteristics and excellent biological characteristics, large biofibrils can be applied to fashion, nonwoven, home textiles, underwear, etc., the application prospects are very broad.

"Current consumers have pursued high quality life, large biological fibers and products are healthy, comfortable, antibacterial antibacterial, etc., will bring consumers to bring more peace of mind, more comfortable consumption experience." Yao Ma said.

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