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[Using polypropylene staple fiber to produce vehicle sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials]
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Polypropylene staple fibers are mainly used in needle-punched carpets, automotive interiors, non-woven fabrics, ropes, decorative materials, medical and health care products, etc. Short fibers are also called cut fibers. Long bundles of chemical fibers are cut or drawn into fibers of equal length to various natural fibers. Natural fibers such as whiskers and asbestos can also be used. The length of the short fibers is generally 35 to 150 mm. According to the specifications of natural fibers, it can be divided into cotton, wool, carpet and medium and short fibers. They can be spun pure or blended with natural or other fibers in varying proportions to make yarns, fabrics and felts.

1. Has excellent moisture conductivity, flexibility, mesh combing, and excellent thermal adhesion.

2. Polypropylene staple fiber has high strength, strong curling elasticity, light weight, low melting point, good surface permeability, acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance are better than other fibers;

The legislative work of using polypropylene staple fiber to produce vehicle-mounted sound-absorbing and sound-insulating materials, and formulating more and more effective noise-reduction testing methods and product regulations, has always been a research topic in the development of the automotive field. The current conventional measures to reduce automobile noise include measuring the noise of the automobile and engine in the anechoic chamber. The air muffler is designed to improve the combustion system, reduce the roughness of fuel injection and combustion, and improve the structural parts such as the cylinder block, especially the body sheet metal. stiffness of the piece. A large area of the board near the noise source is sprayed with sound insulation material, the engine sound insulation cover is installed, the tire pattern design is improved, and the sound insulation material is installed in the car.

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