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[Spinning raw material requirements for ultra-fine polypropylene staple fibers]
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The spinning process of ultra-fine polypropylene staple fiber should be determined according to the raw material. The length of the raw material used for spinning of ultra-fine polypropylene staple fiber is cotton, so cotton spinning system is used for spinning.

         When processing polypropylene staple fibers, it is easy to generate static electricity and cause sticking. It can be suitable for wetting and oiling during mixing to reduce the friction factor of the fiber surface. Effective anti-sticking measures should be adopted, and the cleaning process should reduce the distance between dust bars to reduce Noil waste, enlarge the spacing between the beater and the dust bar to reduce fiber damage and rubbing. The selection of the carding elements on the carding machine should be adapted to the characteristics of polypropylene staple fibers, and the needle teeth and doffer needles with large angle, shallow teeth and arc back should be selected. The fabric should be adapted to the carding process. The carding process adopts the process of light weight, slow speed and large distance. The anti-ultrafine polypropylene staple fiber yarn should reduce the amount of carding, reduce the carding strength of the licker-in, and reduce the average carding time of the fibers. And choose suitable card clothing, etc. The drawing process adopts measures such as heavy pressure, large gauge, smooth passage, anti-winding and anti-blocking, etc. The roving and spun yarn process adopts the principles of large gauge, heavy pressure, small tension, and small twist coefficient. .

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