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[The key common technology of flame retardant fiber is about to achieve industrialization breakthrough!]
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On June 9th, in the main control room of the pilot test base of the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center, Xu Yonghua, an engineer sitting in front of the screen, reported the operation status of the equipment through the walkie-talkie. The final stage of the joint test is expected to be officially put into use by the end of June.

The National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center is the 13th and the first national-level innovation center led by a private enterprise in the country. . At present, a technical innovation supply system supported by key laboratories, pilot bases and a national textile testing center has been established.

An innovative product often needs to go through several stages of laboratory research and development, small test, pilot test, and industrialized mass production. The "pilot test" is a very critical stage and is often called the "valley of death" of innovation.

Mei Feng, chairman of Jiangsu New Vision Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center, said that the pilot base, as an important part of the innovation center, is at the world's leading level. After being put into use, it will solve the difficulties in the research and development and testing of the innovation center's functional fibers, high-end fibers, and cutting-edge fibers, and provide an important platform to support the innovation center's key technologies from laboratory to industrialized mass production.

The first-phase flame retardant fiber pilot test line of the pilot test base will be put into use this time. The project has officially pressed the "start button" since March 2021. Although the whole process has experienced the epidemic, the project team has innovated the working methods and methods, made a good "combination punch" for epidemic prevention and control, and ran out of the "acceleration" of construction.

"The equipment of the flame retardant fiber pilot line involves more than 200 suppliers all over the country. In the face of the poor transportation caused by the epidemic, we specially set up a working group for epidemic prevention and control and project promotion, and cooperated with Wujiang District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Economic Development Bureau, The epidemic prevention and control headquarters maintains close communication, adopts prevention and control measures such as advance reporting, high-speed port transfers, overall sterilization, and closed-loop management, and actively promotes the entry of equipment into the field.” said Jiangsu New Vision Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center Co., Ltd. Pilot Base General Manager Manager Xu Song said.

On May 10, the trucks loaded with precision remote control instruments set off as soon as some key enterprises in Shanghai resumed work and production, and successfully arrived at the pilot test base under the premise of strictly implementing prevention and control measures, and drove into the disinfection area for overall disinfection. , so far the last batch of equipment in the pilot base has been delivered. "After the equipment entered the site, we coordinated the installation unit to work overtime, and it took only 15 days to complete the normal one-month installation and commissioning work," Xu Song said.

According to Xu Song, the construction standard of the pilot base is high and the task is heavy. In the first phase of the flame retardant fiber pilot line alone, more than 1,000 sets of various equipment, nearly 100 sets of test and testing equipment, and more than 200,000 inch pipeline welding have been completed, using various types of materials. nearly 1000 tons.

Since the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, ensuring the project construction period and equipment installation progress is the top priority. The design of the flame retardant pilot line was completed by China Kunlun Engineering Co., Ltd. Since the epidemic prevention and control designers could not be present, the project personnel solved the problem through remote video communication. At most nearly 1,000 people were working on the site at the same time. While strictly implementing measures such as health code, itinerary code inspection, body temperature detection, and wearing masks, the project team also set up nucleic acid detection points on the construction site and worked overtime to ensure the progress of the project.

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