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[Polypropylene staple fibers can be used in these fields]
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Polypropylene staple fiberwith polypropylene resin as the main raw material, after melting spinning, drafting, crimping, drying shaping cut off, packaging and other processes of color and colorless, regulated number and length of the fluffy fiber. So polypropylene staple fiber can be used in what fields?

1. Used in paper industry

The application of polypropylene staple fiber in dry papermaking is mainly to produce expanded soft paper. Expanded soft paper, also known as dust-free paper, is a new disposable sanitary material, which can be made into high-density dust-free paper absorption core material, used to meet the special needs of sanitary materials with high absorption capacity and excellent liquid holding effect, and also can be made into low-density absorption core material, used for medical materials.

2. Used in nonwovens

Polypropylene staple fiber in nonwovens, polypropylene staple fiber with its low thermal bonding temperature is used in the production of thermal bonding nonwovens.

3. Used in construction industry

Polypropylene staple fiber is mainly used for reinforcing concrete in construction industry.

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