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[Grab the digital tuyere Nanchang textile industry accelerated upgrading]
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Modern knitting industry is one of the four traditional industries of Nanchang City. In recent years, the modern knitwear industry in Nanchang City has seized the tuyere of the digital era and stimulated the new vitality of the traditional industry through digital technologies such as "Internet +" and "5G+", thus stepping into the "fast lane" of industrial digital transformation and upgrading. A series of reports "The project is the first to work hard, race against the clock and fight against the economy" aired on 18 "grab the digital tuyere Nanchang modern knitwear industry to accelerate the upgrade".

In the "5G+ smart workshop" of Nanchang Zhongtuo Garment Co., LTD., 12 production lines, more than 300 workers, are under the support of the intelligent hanging system, full power.

Nanchang Zhongtuo clothing Co., LTD. Smart factory production factory director Liu Liang told reporters, in front of the equipment is intelligent interconnection suspension system, from a piece of cut down a number of pieces, can be completed in the hanging above a process, direct production of finished products. Together with these smart robots, productivity increases by 25 percent.

As a large knitwear enterprise, Zhongtuo has invested 18 million yuan in technological transformation in recent years, greatly improving the production efficiency, significantly enhancing the market competitiveness, and a steady flow of overseas orders. Liu Liang told reporters that the company is currently rushing to produce 950,000 pieces of high-grade German velvet casual pants orders from American customers, to be delivered within 45 days, the enterprise application of "5G+" intelligent system, so that customers can know the production situation at any time.

Liu said that with the smart system, he can monitor the production progress in real time, what the capacity is and how much remains to be completed.

It is understood that after the transformation of the company, the order has exceeded 300 million yuan, the company is now planning a new super intelligent factory, when the production capacity will be further expanded, the output value will double.

While helping enterprises to improve production capacity through "5G+", knitting enterprises in Nanchang City seize the opportunities of new retail, new business forms and new models of the current live streaming e-commerce to further expand their brand radiation force.

In the livestreaming department of Nanchang Liangliang Industrial Co., LTD., five livestreaming rooms are opened at the same time, and anchors explain their own products live according to the properties of livestreaming platforms such as Douyin, Tmall and Kuaishou. Reporters learned that Liangliang Industrial through digital means, for enterprise brand empowerment, greatly expanded the market sales.

Nanchang Liangliang Industry Co., Ltd. live department director Wu Lingyan told reporters, live sales not only in Liangliang headquarters, but also extended to Hangzhou, including new e-commerce, the company has layout dabbling. For promotional events such as "618" and "Double 11", the company's merchandise volume has reached more than 20 million yuan per month, and the company's target for this year is 150 million yuan.

At the same time, the flow of sales volume, also put forward higher requirements for delivery. The reporter learned that after consumers place an order, all orders will be directly sent to the AGV intelligent warehouse of the enterprise. The system will automatically issue instructions, assign the corresponding AGV transport vehicle, and transport the goods to the sorting center for packaging and delivery.

Shu Huai, manager of digital technology Department of Nanchang Liangliang Industrial Co., LTD., introduced that such a large warehouse, according to the normal warehouse operation needs 65 people, but now with this AGV system, the warehouse staff has been reduced to 20, and the delivery speed has changed from 10,000 orders a day to more than 25,000 orders. For example, during the "Double 11" promotion period, more than 45,000 orders can be delivered, and the accuracy rate has been infinitely close to 100%.

A large number of digital scene application, help Liangliang industry in the development to seize more shares. At present, the company has cooperated with the leading enterprises in the field of live streaming of e-commerce in China. At the same time, the share of pillows on the e-commerce platform has exceeded 70%.

At present, Nanchang has built an industrial layout of "one district, two parks and many points" with Qingshanhu District as the main cluster area and Nanchang County and Anyi County jointly developing, forming a relatively complete industrial chain of spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, printing, garment processing and so on, becoming an important export and processing base of knitted garments in China. In 2022, there were 366 industrial enterprises above designated size in the city, with a revenue of 29.99 billion yuan.

Bo Fson, Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology: "We will also implement 'increase variety, improve quality, create brand' three strategic actions, continue to promote industry digitalization, digital industrialization, encourage enterprises to strengthen technological transformation, improve product quality, cultivate and develop a number of backbone enterprises, at the same time, increase efforts to attract, improve the level of design innovation, further promote the high-quality development of Nanchang textile industry."

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