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[Polypropylene staple fiber product advantage]
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The production of polypropylene staple fiber is generally completed by larger petrochemical enterprises, chemical fiber plants are basically using polypropylene slicing spinning. Polypropylene staple fiber scientific name polypropylene fiber, also known as "Meracan" "Paan" abroad.

The density of polypropylene staple fiber is low in the ordinary textile fiber, only 0.918g/cm3. It is lighter than water, almost hygroscopic, difficult to stain, and incomplete chromatography. But it has good core suction; Good strength, elasticity, wear resistance, strength and nylon, polyester similar, wear resistance is worse than nylon but better than polyester. The fabric size is stable, the fabric is durable and elastic. Good chemical stability and alkali resistance.

Ordinary fabric feel poor, light resistance, heat resistance is poor, sun resistance, easy to aging brittle damage. Poor thermal stability, ironing temperature can not exceed 100℃. Because the fiber does not absorb moisture, the shrinkage of the fabric is small, easy to wash, easy to dry. Polypropylene staple fiber production ranks fourth among synthetic fibers, mainly because of short fiber, due to poor wear performance, can only weave low-wear fabric. At present, it is also widely used in outerwear. It can be mixed with other fibres to make socks, coats and sportswear.

Polypropylene staple fiber due to low manufacturing cost, has strong anti-fouling and anti-odor ability, can be antibacterial, mildew, antibacterial. Widely used in carpet, decorative cloth, rope, industrial press cloth, packaging materials, civil construction cloth, fishing net cloth, hose and so on. Polypropylene gauze does not stick to the wound, often replace cotton gauze on the medicine, do sanitary products. Polypropylene hollow fiber made of floc light, warm, good elasticity. The new microfine polypropylene fiber is an excellent wear-resisting material.

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