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[Traditional textile industry to high-end intelligent manufacturing transformation]
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March 27, 2023, Nantong Dongyi "Full Production Appreciation Meeting and Product Recommendation Meeting" was successfully held in China Nantong Hai 'an Science and Technology Demonstration Park. The event invited Zhang Standing Committee and Director of Hai 'an Municipal Government, President Chen and Director Li Bo of China National Textile Industry Council, President Sun Bo of Agricultural Bank of China Nantong Branch, and partners and suppliers of garment and textile enterprises, a total of more than 100 people gathered in Dongyi to discuss the development trend of the industry and look forward to a new chapter of future cooperation.

At the meeting, Kunshan Huayang New Materials Co., LTD., Nantong Dongyi High-tech Fiber Technology Co., LTD. Chairman Zhang Zirui's speech is very touching.

About oneself

Zhang Zirui first made a simple self-introduction, his ancestral home in Anhui Lingbi County, born in Gansu, grew up in Qinghai, 93 July graduated from Qinghai Normal College English Department, should have been an English teacher, after graduation with a dream and parents asked to set foot on the train, from the distant Qinghai to Jiangsu, coincidence on the textile clothing fashion this evergreen road. Kunshan Huayang was founded in 1999. 17 years later, it came to Hai 'an in 2016. Founded Nantong Dongyi High-tech Fiber Technology Co., LTD.

Zhang Zirui also said: Hai 'an is a treasure land for Haina to live and work in peace and contentment. Though there are setbacks along the way, there is more harvest and joy.

This introduction not only makes everyone have a simple understanding of Zhang Zirui, but also deeply appreciate his love for Hai 'an and the textile industry. All the coincidence is fate, all the struggle from love.

About gratitude

First of all, Zhang Zirui thanked our great country and the Party for giving us a wonderful era of entrepreneurship. He also thanked the leaders at all levels of the Hai 'an Municipal government and the China National Textile Industry Council for their support and concern. He also thanked the President Sun of the Nantong Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China for making an exceptional cross-regional loan. Thanks to the trust and support of the supplier friends, thanks to the efforts and efforts of Huayang Dongyi brothers and sisters, thanks to the silent support of his family.

People only know how to be grateful, just have everything around, know how to be grateful, will live up to everything in front of you. I believe that it is Zhang Zirui's gratitude that enables him to achieve today's achievements. It is also this gratitude that will make the future of Dongyi broader and long-term.

About grades

Zhang Zirui introduced, within three years, Dongyi has won the provincial high-tech enterprise, Jiangsu Province specialized and special new small giant enterprise, Jiangsu Province four-star cloud enterprise, Jiangsu Province science and technology type small and medium-sized enterprises, Nantong Industrial Design Center, Nantong science and technology innovation enterprise, Nantong Enterprise Technology Center, China elastic fabric printing and dyeing R & D production base, national base fabric enterprise, cnas certification Laboratory, has a number of patents and a number of products of the international certification.

Although Dongyi has made gratifying achievements in the past, in the future, Dongyi will continue to take customer and consumer demand as the starting point, pursue ingenuity and excellence, continue to promote fine production management, strictly control every production process and flow, constantly innovate technology, and constantly promote product optimization and iteration. Create value with quality and strive to be the leading benchmarking enterprise in the industry.

About the future

In terms of doing "things", Zhang Zirui introduced that Dongyi has been fully put into production today and is expected to reach production in the next three to five years. At that time, Dongyi can produce more than 90 million meters of various functional fabrics every year, and the annual output value can exceed 1.6 to 2 billion yuan. Dongyi will continue to build the development mode of "whole industrial chain" from the production links of weaving, printing and dyeing, composite finishing and so on.

In terms of "people", Zhang Zirui said that Huayang Dongyi People will continue to take "doing good deeds" as the core value, grow continuously in the sharpen, and pass kindness and love in life and work.

Finally, Zhang Zirui quoted Sun Ruizhe, president of China National Textile Industry Council, to express the values of Dongyi people, that is: "Our textile supply chain should do three things: quality; Grade; Conduct. Quality is the basis of a good brand, without good quality, the brand will have no vitality; Taste is the condition of a good brand, through products to create and lead a way of life, to meet the needs of consumers fashion and humanization; Character is the key to a brand's durability, and a brand's maturity can only be seen if an enterprise actively fulfills its social responsibilities and obligations."

Zhang Zirui said that in the future, Dongyi will continue to use "three products" to strict self-requirements, stay true to the original intention, strive to move forward, put the needs of customers and consumers in the first place, and be an excellent enterprise with social responsibilities and social obligations. I hope you will continue to support Huayang Dongyi and continue to walk hand in hand with Dongyi! Create a better future together!

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