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[Static resistance analysis of polypropylene staple fiber]
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There are many kinds of polypropylene staple fiber in the use of antistatic agents, simply use ionic property to divide several types, and these types have their own advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, the antistatic effect of anionic type is poor, and its water solubility is good, easy to be washed off, so the durability is poor; Cationic type has good antistatic effect and good smoothness and absorption. But toxic, corrosive, most used for surface finishing, although both amphoteric type antistatic performance, but at high temperature is easy to fade, the price is more expensive.

And nonionic type: good durability, low toxicity, suitable for fiber blending, but will affect the fiber staining. Synthesizing the above points, a compound antistatic agent was prepared. The antistatic agent was processed into masterbatch in order to facilitate production and disperse evenly. The antistatic masterbatch is made by twin-screw extruder granulator. The antistatic agent, dispersant and carrier are mixed and coated in a certain proportion. In this way, the antistatic property of polypropylene fiber produced has been greatly improved.

The antistatic effect of fiber antistatic masterbatch in polypropylene staple fiber is slightly affected when it is blended with different contents of dyeable components. The addition of dyeable components is partly due to the reasonable division of antistatic components, and the addition of dyeable components enhances the fiber's binding ability to water molecules in the air, thus enhancing its antistatic performance. But on the other hand, due to the partial "dispersion" effect of antistatic agent, it is possible to form the isolation of antistatic agent and the outside world, but reduce the antistatic performance, from this point, the addition of dyeable components is most limited.

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