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["Number" and "wisdom" of Jiangxi Unicom Enable the transformation and upgrading of Traditional Textile Industry to "Start again"]
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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released a list of "three products" strategic demonstration cities for the consumer goods industry in 2022. Qingshanhu District of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province made the list for its characteristics and advantages in the textile and apparel industry, making the regional brand "Qingshanhu Knitwear" once again in the public spotlight.

"Three export shirts, one from Qingshan Lake." From this "jargon" in the garment purchasing circle, it is not difficult to see the status and influence of the modern knitting industry in Qingshan Lake District in the country and even the world.

Entering Nanchang Huaxing Knitting Industry Co., LTD., located in Jiangxi Qingshan Lake High-tech Industrial Park, a "new wind" of intelligent manufacturing comes at you. The production workshop here is located in the high-rise building of the company. Relying on the "5G smart factory" built by Jiangxi Unicom here, the advanced intelligent equipment connects the production areas of different floors. At the same time, the different production links are strung together into an efficient and convenient assembly line.

In the production area on the fifth floor, a piece of freshly cut cloth is hung by the high-altitude automatic transmission device and transmitted inside the production area. Colorful cloth seems to be given life. With the rhythm of the transmission device and the music played on the radio, it jumps into the "air ballet"... This is the cutting intelligent hanging transport sorting system. This system can automatically transport the newly cut cloth to the corresponding sewing station according to different colors, sizes and styles for the next process.

Opposite to the cutting piece intelligent hanging transport and sorting system is the garment intelligent hanging transport and sorting system. The new clothes made one by one are hung by the high-altitude automatic transmission device from the fifth floor to different production areas, white, yellow, black, navy blue garments in the transmission device driven, arranged in a neat "queue", the winding forward, as if in the "air classification". Finally, these hanging garments are automatically "marching" to the corresponding station in the corresponding production area according to different colors, sizes and styles, waiting for workers to fold and pack. The use of intelligent hanging transport sorting system eliminates the tedious sorting and handling of manual, and also saves the space for material stacking, bringing new changes to the production mode of the factory.

There are automatic cutting equipment that can cut seven or eight hundred pieces of clothes at a time, palletizing robots that "swing their arms" thousands of times a day without getting tired, and handling robots that "hum" songs and can move dozens of boxes of goods in a few minutes... In addition, relying on the 5G network of Jiangxi Unicom and the data collection and monitoring system, the equipment here has realized data interaction and unified management. Production information, equipment status, materials, personnel, energy and other information can be grasped by every relevant department in real time through the network.

"Our 5G smart factory is one of the factories with the highest degree of automation and the most advanced equipment in the garment industry in China. Since the introduction of intelligent manufacturing, our work efficiency has been greatly improved, the labor intensity of workers has been significantly reduced, and the production capacity has increased by more than 30 percent." Sun Yidong, IE Manager of Huaxing Knitting Industry Co., LTD., said, "At present, our digital and intelligent transformation of Huaxing knitting has been carried out for three stages, and the fourth phase is under way. We believe that with the support of first-class digital technology, the traditional knitting industry can also become a sunrise industry."

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