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[The first Textile city original design exhibition ended successfully]
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From November 4th to 8th, the five-day 2023 First Textile City Original Design Exhibition came to a successful end in CBD4 building of China Textile.

As the core plate of Keqiao Fashion Week to continuously build the "source of fashion innovation", the first 2023 Textile City Original Design exhibition will become a comprehensive exhibition integrating fashion personality and taste through professional, international and brand development path.

This season will be a high degree of integration of original design power and textile city industry, with the "design consumption" industry chain as the core. While building the first Textile City Original design exhibition, it focuses on internationalization, fashion and wisdom, expands new trade formats, and contributes to building an international first-class creative exhibition base for enhancing the market value chain.

The first Textile City Original Design exhibition in 2023 covers an area of 4,000 square meters. Together with VDS SHOWROOM, more than 20 domestic and foreign design brands of different styles have been carefully selected, covering many categories of new products such as clothing, accessories, shoes and lifestyle.

By holding four fashion salon activities, the exhibition was more colorful and injected new vitality into the development of the fashion industry. Salon activities have attracted many fashion enthusiasts and industry insiders, not only providing them with a platform for communication and learning, but also building a bridge for the development of the fashion industry.

At the event, experts and scholars shared the latest fashion trends and industry trends, and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with the participants. The successful holding of these four fashion salon activities not only enriched the exhibition content, but also injected new vitality into the vigorous development of the fashion industry, and brought new opportunities and challenges for the progress and development of the industry.

【 Trend Outdoor Life Salon 】 Explore the latest outdoor trends and perfect combination with the outdoors.

In this unique salon, participants learn about the latest outdoor trends and explore the wonderful blend of outdoor sports and fashion; Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a fashionista, you'll find different perspectives and inspiration here. In this salon, outdoor adventure and fashion collide, inspiring infinite possibilities and feeling the charm of the integration of fashion and outdoor life.

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