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[In daily life, polypropylene staple fibers can be made into knitwear]
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Polypropylene staple fiber is very widely used, with the development of spinning machines, especially the emergence and rapid development of nonwovens, so that the development and application of polypropylene staple fiber has a broader prospect. In recent decades, due to the development of chemical fiber technology and equipment, the international polypropylene fiber production is in a period of rapid development, China's polypropylene fiber output is also quite considerable. Its main products are ordinary filament, short fiber, bulk filament, tobacco tow, industrial silk, nonwovens and so on.

In terms of clothing, polypropylene staple fiber can be made into knitwear, such as underwear, socks, etc., can be made into plush products, such as shoe lining, coat lining, children's coat, etc., can also be blended with other fibers to make children's clothing, work clothes, underwear, pile fabric and yarn. It is worth noting that due to the low production cost of polypropylene staple fiber, the price is relatively cheap, and the weight is light (that is, the fiber of the same weight, the area of the cloth woven with polypropylene staple fiber is 20% to 40% larger than other chemical fibers), so some illegal traders on the market will polypropylene stretch silk clothing said to be nylon stretch silk clothing, and some in acrylic products incorporated polypropylene, pay attention to identification when buying.

Polypropylene staple fiber has its own advantages, but there are also obvious disadvantages in knitted clothing, or hope to make the best use of polypropylene staple fiber to play the greatest advantage.

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