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[The textile and garment industry to a new height of development]
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In Xinjiang, the development of textile and garment industry has far-reaching significance.

Ten years ago, after in-depth research and comprehensive consideration of Xinjiang's social, economic and geographical conditions, and based on Xinjiang's advantages in cotton resources, the state made a major decision to develop Xinjiang's textile and garment industry and promote employment. The development of textile and garment industry, which has a strong ability to absorb employment, can increase the income of people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang in the process of organized industrialization, promote human modernization, and promote Xinjiang to achieve long-term peace and stability.

In the past decade, with the support of national policies, Xinjiang has grown into a new gathering highland of China's textile industry, and the cotton and textile and garment industries have flourished.

From the perspective of economics, no matter raw material advantages, intermediate production links, or market development, the development of cotton and textile and garment industry in Xinjiang is in line with economic laws, and is conducive to reducing the production cost of cotton textile enterprises and improving market competitiveness. Therefore, it is an inevitable choice for Xinjiang to push the cotton and textile and garment industry to a new height.

The starting point is a cotton, the extension is a chain. It is necessary to focus on the complete industrial chain from cotton production, processing, trading to textile, printing and dyeing, and clothing, and constantly extend the chain to strengthen the chain, open up the integrated development link of "refining, chemical and textile", and form an industrial closed loop from a cotton to a garment. It is necessary to adhere to the requirements of high-quality development, pay attention to scientific and technological empowerment, vigorously promote the mechanization of cotton production and the intelligent transformation of textile links, and improve production efficiency. But also pay attention to environmental protection requirements, in the development of printing and dyeing industries, the protection of the ecological environment in an important position, take the road of green development. At the same time, we should make good use of both domestic and foreign markets, give full play to the Central Europe (Central Asia) train assembly center and the "five through eight countries, all the way to Europe and Asia" transportation advantages, and develop export-oriented textile and garment industry.

No one can stop, no one can stop the development of Xinjiang's cotton and textile and garment industry. This is caused by economic laws, driven by social progress, and desired by living and working in peace and contentment. We will unswervingly develop the cotton and textile and garment industries, and use real results to overcome the slander and lies of the anti-China forces in the United States and the West against China's Xinjiang cotton. When Xinjiang's textile and garment industry is strong enough to become an indispensable pole in the world's textile and garment industry map, smears, lies and sanctions can only look at the ocean and sigh.

There is no doubt that the future of Xinjiang's cotton and textile and garment industry will be better!

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