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[Polypropylene staple fiber has several characteristics]
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Polypropylene staple fiber, has these characteristics, how much do you know?

First, polypropylene staple fiber has good chemical stability.

Second, the strength of polypropylene short fibers is usually higher than that of ordinary natural fibers, and the breaking strength is close to that of nylon fibers.

Third, the hygroscopicity of polypropylene staple fiber is very low. Under normal temperature and pressure, the moisture recovery rate is close to 0, basically does not absorb moisture, but has a unique core suction effect.

Fourth, polypropylene staple fiber has good anti-mold, anti-moth performance. In normal use, because it does not absorb water, fine seedlings and mold are difficult to survive, and it is not easy to make skin allergies to do daily necessities.

Fifth, polypropylene staple fiber has good antistatic properties.

Sixth, polypropylene short fiber acid, alkali, organic chemical solvent resistance, non-hygroscopic. Made of filter element, fast water, high filtration accuracy.

Seventh, polypropylene staple fiber has the shortcomings of high temperature resistance, poor heat transfer and electrical conductivity, which brings certain difficulties to spinning.

Eight, the price of polypropylene staple fiber is relatively low.

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