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[Economic early spring, fighting a good start!]
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The economic struggle is early in spring, and the fight is off to a good start. After the Spring Festival, various textile enterprises have started work one after another, and have sped up production to achieve a "good start" after the festival.

People often spring early, spring early people more often. On February 15, the sixth day of the New Year, the production park was busy and orderly, the staff of various positions in the workshop shuttled between the machines, and the processes and equipment were in normal operation.

Before the Spring Festival holiday, the Department of safety supervision, the Department of production technology and other relevant departments held a special meeting to make detailed arrangements for safety and parking precautions. After the start of work, the workshops strictly implemented the relevant measures and realized the efficient resumption of work and production.

Also on the sixth day of the New Year, Guangdong Guangqing textile and garment industry orderly transfer of the core area of Guangzhou North · Zhongda Fashion science and Technology City, 2024 Qingyuan Nanyue Spring warm textile and garment industry special job fair held here, attracting many enterprises and candidates to participate.

In the in-depth implementation of the local "hundreds of millions of projects", Guangqing Textile Park is one of the main platform parks to undertake the orderly transfer of industries in Qingyuan, and will strive to become a "million mu billion" manufacturing platform and "China's fast fashion intelligent manufacturing base" in the next five to ten years.

On February 17, the eighth day of the first lunar month, the Spring Festival holiday was coming to an end, and more textile people began to resume work and strive for a good start to the New Year.

On the eighth day of the first month, China Textile City officially opened.

"From the opening at 8 am to now, the store has been very popular, has traded more than 20 waves of customers, and successfully achieved a 'good start'." China Textile City merchants Zou Xiangping introduced that this year they have a total of 7 series of new products, including cotton, chenille, loop yarn and so on.

China Textile City, located in Keqiao District of Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, is the world's largest textile distribution center, with about a quarter of the world's textiles traded here every year.

 "Every year after the Spring Festival of light textile City opened, I came to choose the desired products, adhere to more than 10 years!" 

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