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[China chemical fiber weaving 2024 new Hua chapter]
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At the end of the year, the sun and the moon, there should always be a moment in the year, calm down, sort out the past, see the future.

The year 2023 will be the first year to fully implement the spirit of the Party's 20 National Congresses. This year, in addition to facing the instability and uncertainty caused by the severe and complex external situation, the chemical fiber industry also encountered the difficulty of insufficient effective demand, but China's chemical fiber walked out of a recovery curve to a good recovery in the continuous pressure, showing a stable trend.

Meet 2024, China chemical fiber will weave a 黼 elaborate Hua Zhang? Strong confidence, in 2024, China chemical fiber still maintains the confidence to go forward. Faith is a light, a candle flame, "this light is small but not weak, enough to fill the earth and the earth, and the candle shines on the earth." Build concentric, in 2024, China's chemical fiber will still firmly resonate with The Times, and walk in the same direction with the motherland, "all forces and 10,000 Jun is not enough." China's chemical fiber has never been a lone warrior, and the base of China's chemical fiber is the motherland with the advantages of a large scale market and advanced production capacity.

High-quality development

In 2024, how will China's chemical fiber, which firmly occupies the first place in the world's chemical fiber production, resolve the pain points and blocking points in the development process, and achieve effective improvement in quality and reasonable growth in quantity? The answer is high-quality development, improving quality and efficiency, and seeking progress while maintaining stability.

"With ceaseless as the body, with daily new as the way", promoting high-quality development through scientific and technological innovation has become the motto of China chemical fiber.

Product innovation people-oriented: personal heat and humidity comfort management fibers colorful, "hot skin" "black gold" to warm below zero, "cool skin" sunscreen summer ice clothing, comfort fiber two-way temperature control. The elastic fiber is delicate and light, comfortable and wakes up the richness and breadth of the heart. Antibacterial fiber life guard, help the "health first responsible person". China Chemical fiber focuses on terminal products and human needs.

Technological innovation to reduce pollution and reduce carbon: there is only one earth, we share weal and woe, we are closely related. The community of life is a vision and a reality. According to the volume and scale of China's chemical fiber, the establishment of chemical fiber products carbon footprint accounting standard rules suitable for China's national conditions and actual conditions, and even product environmental footprint standards, background database and metrological certification system, promote carbon footprint and international convergence and mutual recognition, to get a greater voice is the incumbent responsibility of China's chemical fiber people. Combining the existing data foundation, architecture construction and blockchain Internet technology, the digital passport of chemical fiber products is constructed, and the whole-system closed-loop control, whole-process traceability and whole-life cycle data collaboration are realized at......

Format innovation data intelligence orientation: Strengthen the data support of the chemical fiber textile industry chain, establish a data sharing platform, and realize the interconnection, sharing and collaboration of the upstream and downstream data of the chemical fiber industry chain. Continue to use new labor tools such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, digital twins, automation, and unmanned equipment to adapt to the requirements of the digital economy era, and foster new models and new momentum of the chemical fiber industry chain. Connect the new quality productivity of chemical fiber industry with green, intelligent and digital.

High level safety

High level of safety is the premise of high quality development, and high quality development is the guarantee of high level of safety. China's chemical fiber has a large volume and scale, and is greatly affected by the global economic environment. In the case of global economic recovery continues to be weak, growth momentum continues to fall, China's chemical fiber needs to always think, alert everywhere, maintain a sense of crisis, based on the main business, based on the present, open a new bureau, response bureau, and stabilize the overall situation. China Chemical fiber can not be satisfied with the simple growth of output, China chemical fiber focuses on the effective improvement of quality, to ensure the safety of the supply chain, the safety of the industrial chain, and continue to increase the toughness and flexibility of the industrial chain.

Implementation of high standards

Glory but ambition, wide but diligent. The foundation of China's chemical fiber industry is a generation of Chinese chemical fiber people spell out, work out, and struggle out. In 2024, for global consumers, small batch customization, large-scale production, the whole industrial chain through, global distribution, the formation of customer-centric industrial chain close collaboration of the industrial cluster, to build China's new quality of chemical fiber productivity, China's chemical fiber people on the road. In 2024, data will be used as a new production factor, combined with traditional high-quality labor, capital and energy factors, and the cross-linked fusion and fission of the chemical fiber industry chain will be realized. The new manufacturing of China's chemical fiber industry represented by strategic emerging materials and future industries, the new formats of China's chemical fiber industry represented by globalization and digitalization, and the anchored polymers are the new quality productivity of China's chemical fiber. China Chemical fiber, "roll up your sleeves and work hard"!

In the New Year, the Chinese fiber will accumulate strength in the struggle of a little bit by bit and fly. "I was born to be a mountain and not a stream, to look down on the valleys of mediocrity from the peaks"; China's chemical fiber is already a mountain, only feel the mountains and rivers are far wide; Have set the top of the peak, more careful to finish. Show everything to the beauty, the beauty of beauty. 2024, China fiber will still maintain love, singing triumphantly, not hesitate, not anxious, because there is hope and light in the future. "Lack of knowledge and forge ahead, look at the far mountain and do." The cause of Chinese fiber people is endless, and the future of Chinese fiber is brilliant.

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