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["2025 China Suit Fashion Trend White Paper" heavy launch!]
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"New people, new supply, new channels" a new wave of consumption is coming, due to change, timely change, China's clothing industry in urgent need of innovation and change.

As one of the key activities of this year's China International Fashion Week, the China Suit Industry Development Forum was held in Beijing on March 24. The forum not only gathered experts from all walks of life such as design, industry and marketing to discuss the contemporary development and rejuvenation strategies of Chinese suit brands, but also the first domestic listed clothing company Shanshan Shares joined hands with the China Fashion Designers Association to jointly launch the "2025 China Suit Fashion Trend White Paper" project.

Yan Yan, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, stressed in his speech that in the face of global economic uncertainties, China's garment industry is becoming an important part of China's fashion industry to enhance new quality productivity. As an industry leader, Shanshan's innovative practice will profoundly affect the development trend of China's suit industry, and even the mode and strategy of shaping a new paradigm for China's men's wear industry.

The forum was presided over by Wang Qingying, director of the General Department of Productivity Promotion Department of China Textile Industry Federation and chief fashion researcher of China Textile Information Center. Wu Xuekai, designer of Golden Top Award of China Fashion Award, and Li Guangdou, famous brand strategy expert and founder of brand marketing agency, gave a keynote speech.

First of all, Wu Xuekai explained from the perspective of national brand Huan, brand Huan new opportunities are in front of us. It pointed out that the main reason why many leisure brands are difficult to rise again is the lack of ceremony and high-level sense, and the new focus of the future brand will be "demolition" and "construction", that is, the definition of brand value, as well as the reconstruction of core content.

In addition, Li Guangdou quoted the thousand-character "the beginning of the writing, is clothes and clothes", and Guo Moruo's classic quote "clothes are the symbol of culture, clothes are the image of thought", to express the clothing design is the embodiment of values. It suggested that the leaders of major clothing brands should change from factory owners to artists, to turn manufacturing into a fashion industry, and to become product-centric to fan users and IP.

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