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[Polypropylene staple fiber has four advantages]
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Polypropylene staple fiber with polypropylene resin as the main raw material, through melt spinning, drawing, crimping, drying, cutting, packaging and other processes to produce colored and colorless, specified denier and length of fluffy fiber.

Polypropylene staple fiber has many excellent properties, with four advantages:

First, it has superior moisture conductivity, flexibility, mesh and carding properties, and excellent thermal adhesion

The second weight is light, its density is 0.9 ~ 0.92 grams/cubic centimeter, in all synthetic fibers is the lightest, it is 20% lighter than polyamide fiber, 30% lighter than polyester fiber, 40% lighter than viscose fiber; High strength (dry and wet state of the same), good wear resistance and resilience; Anti-microbial, no mold and no decay; Chemical resistance is also better than the general synthetic fiber.

Third, compared with other synthetic fibers, polypropylene fiber has the best electrical insulation and warmth, its resistivity is very high (7×1019 ohms · cm), and its thermal conductivity is very small.

Fourth, high strength, strong crimp elasticity, light weight, low melting point, good surface permeability, acid and alkali resistance and wear resistance are better than other fibers.

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