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[Chen Xinwei, president of China Chemical Fiber Association, visited the National Advanced functional Fiber Innovation Center]
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On April 18, Chen Xinwei, president of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, walked into the National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center (referred to as the Innovation Center) for investigation

Chen Xinwei visited the exhibition hall of the innovation center, research and development laboratory, pilot test base, etc., deeply understood the operation of the innovation center, asked about the qualification preparation of the testing platform, the operation of the green and low-carbon identification basic service platform, the development and application of new products of the research and development project and gave guidance.

Chen Xinwei affirmed the digital and intelligent management of the central laboratory, he said that the certification qualification is very important, which is currently lacking in China, and pay attention to the detection of antimony precipitation water quality of fiber materials; When it comes to the molding process of high-performance fiber, it is considered that how to design, compound and weave is very critical, and it is necessary to further deepen the research and development of fiber materials in this respect, organically combine with testing, and provide services to the industry.

At the forum, the two sides exchanged views on project investment and production in the chemical fiber industry, market digestion, and coordination and control mechanisms between commodity prices. Chen Xinwei stressed that enterprises need to soberly face the complex environment and fierce market competition, constantly adapt to the market, and actively seek development, which is very important. In the next step, the chemical fiber industry should focus on promoting key common technology research, take key enterprises and major projects as the starting point, continue to promote fiber material technology breakthroughs, steadily improve the quality stability and multi-field application level of high-performance fibers, improve the purity of bio-based chemical fiber monomers and raw materials, and improve the high efficiency and low consumption level of complete sets of technical equipment. Promote the research and development of efficient and flexible preparation technology of new multifunctional fibers. At the same time, with the support of advanced science and technology, the digital economy and the chemical fiber industry have accelerated the integration, making the intelligent level of the chemical fiber industry in the leading position in the textile industry.

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