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[How to pick up high quality PP staple fiber]
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PP staple fiber is widely used in the field of engineering, and the market prospect is broad. How to pick up high-quality PP staple fiber? Qinfeng provides the following six methods for your reference:

1. Water bath comparison method:

Put 500ml water into two cups, separate the 0.4g standard single sample fiber, mix it for 10 seconds, and then investigate. The high-quality one is dispersed evenly and suspended in water; The defective can not be uniformly dispersed or suspended in the water or underwater in clumps or clusters.

2. Odor identification method:

High quality fiber: environmental protection, no impact on taste; Residual fiber: there is pollution, strong taste and strong influence.

3. Sunshine Method:

The damaged PP staple fiber, because the cost is reduced, the base has not been treated with anti-ultraviolet radiation, and the PP staple fiber loses its strength in two years when the sun shines, so the damaged PP staple fiber is difficult to develop its effect in concrete for a long time. As long as sampling is carried out at the site (to strictly identify the common of the submitted filament and the polypropylene fiber short filament at the site), after a long time of sun exposure, and then the tensile strength can be detected.

4. Remove moisture method:

Residual PP staple fiber some rich in water (only by hand is difficult to feel), after drying or drying method can measure its water content, although the fiber price is low, but it contains in the sale of water. Assuming a water content of 5%, then 1 kg of water-rich fiber is actually only 95% fiber, and the fiber price will be 1.05 times the original price.

5. Visual inspection method:

High quality fiber, regular length, uniform thickness, light and bright color. Mixed silk, pulp silk, coarse silk, rolled silk, oil silk, clumped silk and impurity content is less or no high quality; The inferior one is the opposite.

6. Detection method:

PP short fiber produced from recycled materials, its fiber:

① Low tensile strength, usually < 350Mpa;

② The elongation is large, usually > 60%;

(3) Poor alkaline resistance, because the mixed concrete and hardened concrete are strongly alkaline (pH≥12), in this environment, the strength of the fiber will gradually decrease, so that the effect in the concrete will be very small, the base can not improve the mechanical function of concrete.

The identification method of PP staple fiber is roughly these, I hope to help you.

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