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From components to vertical and flat tails, to fuselage and wings, from the secondary bearing structure to the main structure, composite materials have gradually become one of the main structural materials of aviation equipment, which is an important symbol of the advanced nature of a new generation of civil aircraft. On May 17, the high Performance fiber and Composite Materials Forum for aerospace was held in Lianyungang, where experts and scholars introduced the latest development and application of aerospace composite materials such as polyimide fiber, commercial aviation prepreg, silicon carbide fiber, aramong paper, attracting many representatives from upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

With the application of automatic strip laying and wire laying technology, the automatic manufacturing of composite components is realized, and the manufacturing efficiency and quality stability are further improved. Carbon fiber prepreg for automatic laying process has become the mainstream of composite materials and has been widely used in aerospace field. Liao Zilong, a researcher of AVIC Composite Materials Co., LTD., said that at present, China has completed the evaluation of domestic carbon fiber for aviation, the application research and assessment of composite materials, and the application of 300 and 700 grade carbon fiber in aviation, and completed the evaluation and verification of domestic 800 grade carbon fiber, the application research of composite materials and the installation assessment and verification work. Enter small batch production applications. He said that in the future, the amount of advanced composite materials and application fields will continue to increase, composite material manufacturing will be integrated, intelligent, low-cost and rapid industrial batch production development, aircraft engine composite materials, ceramic matrix composite materials will have new opportunities. At the same time, he suggested that the next step should focus on composite material specifications, general material databases, testing and evaluation institutions.

Polyimide fiber with its excellent mechanical properties, excellent heat stability, excellent radiation resistance characteristics is expected to become the next generation of organic high performance fiber representative. Professor Zhang Qinghua, Director of the Development Planning Department of Donghua University, prospected the development of polyimide fiber materials. He introduced that Donghua University has conducted in-depth research on polyimide fiber and built a thousand ton polyimide fiber of multiple varieties, overcoming the problem of restricting wide application due to single color. At present, China has formed a number of industrialization bases, and related products have been in the international front end, and have been widely used in aerospace, special protection and other fields. Because of its excellent properties, polyimide fiber will have broad application prospects in the field of environmental protection, aerospace and high-performance composite materials in the future. Donghua University is currently further developing polyimide fiber, film, resin, separation film, aerogel fiber and other products.

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