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[Appreciate the method of identifying the good and bad polypropylene staple fiber!]
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Appreciate the method of identifying the good and bad polypropylene staple fiber!

High-quality polypropylene staple fiber is compounded by high-quality fiber-grade virgin polypropylene raw materials and special additives; while inferior polypropylene staple fiber is often compounded by powder or recycled materials and ordinary textile auxiliaries.

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of polypropylene staple fiber:

1. Sunlight method:

Inferior polypropylene staple fibers have not undergone UV-resistant treatment at all because of cost reduction. Polypropylene fibers lose their strength in two years under sunlight. Therefore, it is difficult for inferior polypropylene staple fibers to play their role in concrete for a long time. It can be distinguished by sampling at the construction site (strictly identify the filaments submitted for inspection and the polypropylene staple fiber staples on the construction site), after a long period of sun and night exposure, and then testing the tensile strength.

2. Moisture removal method:

Some low-quality polypropylene staple fiber contain water (which is difficult to feel with human hands). The water content can be measured by drying or sun-drying. Although the price of the fiber is low, it contains water for sale. Assuming that the water content is 5%, then 1 kg of fiber containing water is actually only 95% fiber, and the fiber price will be 1.05 times the original price.

3. Contrast visual inspection method:

High-quality polypropylene staple fiber, neat in length, uniform in thickness, light and white in color. Double silk, sizing silk, thick silk, coiled silk, oily silk, agglomerated silk and impurities with little or no content are considered high quality; inferior ones are the opposite.

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