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[How to check the quality of polyester staple fiber?]
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How to check the quality of polyester staple fiber?

The quality standards, grade basis, industrial and commercial transfer of polyester staple fibers can all be inspected by instruments, while the color, color, openness, fiber cohesion, and super-long fiber distribution of polyester staple fibers cannot be tested together at present. Sensory inspection is needed. Only by combining instrumental inspection and sensory inspection can the quality of polyester staple fiber be comprehensively evaluated.

The color and luster of polyester staple fiber directly affect the color difference of silk and cloth surface and the color difference after dyeing. Therefore, in the process of alternating batches of raw materials, attention must be paid to the color difference between batches of the same production area and between different production areas. The degree of difference determines the amount of alternating batches each time, so as to avoid the color difference between the silk thread and the cloth surface.

In the blowing process, the degree of opening and cohesion of the polyester staple fiber directly affects the formation and adhesion of the polyester roll, as well as the tightness of the polyester roll, looseness, and so on. For this reason, the inspection of these two items is also very necessary. When inspecting, you can first look at the fiber's bulkiness, and then grasp, touch and pull the fiber.

After you hold the polyester sample tightly, you can feel its elasticity in the process of slowly relaxing. The elasticity is large, and the fibers with a swelling feeling are fluffy, indicating that the opening is good, but the opening is poor.

When testing the cohesive force of the fiber, the polyester staple fiber sample can be slowly pulled apart by hand. In the process of pulling apart, while feeling the force, listen to the level of friction with your ears. If the force is strong, the friction is loud, and the cohesive force is Large, otherwise weak cohesion.

The above is the sensory test of polyester staple fiber.

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