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[2021/22 Autumn and Winter Textile Fabric Patterns and Printing Forecast]
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The consumption concept of "buy less and buy fine" drives the emergence of a new climax of minimalism, which shapes the tangible from the invisible, and puts vitality and eternity into the minimalist atmosphere; from the sustainable trend to the cross-season style, what is born is refreshing The original beauty of the epidemic; the epidemic has given birth to a cultural “new consumption”. Under the influence of digitalization, the classic and modern meet, the tradition and the future overlap, and this brings romantic and elegant feelings; the unabated functional wind brings commercial interest and Artistic aesthetics are unified, both rebellious and bold, passionate and lively, making life full of fun.

Guided by the China Textile Information Center and the National Textile Product Development Center, the "2020/21 Autumn and Winter Textile Fabric Patterns and Printing Forecast" published by the China Women's Fabric Fashion Trend Research Institute will comprehensively analyze the autumn and winter patterns and printing trends and help fabric companies understand the trends Change and develop, and cultivate a "trend"-oriented product development concept.

Exquisite simplicity

Constrained consumption has triggered people's thinking about "buy less, buy fine", exquisite and practical minimalism, reconstructed with modern lines, and simplified to achieve the perfect fusion of minimalist art and commercial fashion. Abstract and smooth brushstrokes, unfinished line drawing, delicate and neat geometric stacking, through artistic symbolic performance, create an elegant, capable, romantic and relaxing visual effect, and make delicate life full of temperature.

Plant imprint

Sustainable fashion is attracting attention nowadays. Natural elements have gradually transformed from simple decorative designs to designs that convey earth protectionism. Plant specimens are an important direction of inspiration for flower patterns this season. It is suitable for large or small sizes. Quiet and simple neutral colors can be used to bring out a simple and original beauty. It can also be combined with autumn colors to create early autumn styles. Home furnishing applications are also worthy of attention.

Deformed animal pattern

Animal textures this season show more diverse and novel expressions, either full of futuristic sense, or return to nature. Leopard print elements combined with paisley patterns and rural florals bring an elegant and casual "wild" charm; zebra prints present a soft and trembling mystery, and through digital filters, create between tie-dye, texture and camouflage Colors are no longer confined to traditional black and white color schemes, and become more rash and free.

Vintage Art Deco

With the resurgence of the retro trend in recent years, the palace elements of the Renaissance, the complex and exquisite baroque art, and the new Chinese patterns of oriental aesthetics have been integrated with modern styles, from the creative design of patterns to the strong visual contrast of styles. Shows the pleasant look and feel of the combination of new and old. Driven by the trend of soft masculinity, this style has expanded from the womenswear field to the menswear market.

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