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[China's chemical fiber industry problems and development prospects forecast analysis]
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Chemical fiber is a fiber with textile properties that is made by using natural polymer compounds or synthetic polymer compounds as raw materials through processes such as spinning dope, spinning and post-processing. According to different raw materials, chemical fibers can be divided into man-made fibers and synthetic fibers.

  The development dilemma of the chemical fiber industry

   1. The overall technical level of the industry needs to be improved

Although my country's chemical fiber output has accounted for more than 60% of global output, the majority of them are conventional products. Although the proportion of differentiated products and industrial products has gradually increased, compared with developed countries, the overall technology and equipment are still backward, and the added value of products is not high. Low technology content, low R&D investment of enterprises and other issues, the overall innovation awareness of enterprises is not strong. At the same time, compared with well-known foreign companies, my country’s textile machinery and equipment has a large technological gap, which has a certain impact on the development of our chemical fiber industry.

   2. Labor costs are gradually rising

   With the gradual disappearance of my country’s demographic dividend, labor costs will show a trend of rising. In particular, employees in front-line positions such as production and equipment operation have long experienced difficulties in recruitment and large salary fluctuations. The fluctuation of the salary of production personnel will affect the production cost of the enterprise and then affect the business performance of the enterprise. With the continuous development of my country's social and economic level, workers' expectations of labor income growth continue to increase, and the industry is facing the pressure of rising labor costs.

  Development prospects of chemical fiber industry

   1. National policies provide strong support

The "Thirteenth Five-Year" Science and Technology Progress Outline for the Textile Industry lists "High-performance polyester industrial yarn preparation technology", "Nylon 66 fiber large-scale preparation and functional product development" and "PLA fiber" as the "13th Five-Year" textile industry technology Key research and industrialization projects. The "Thirteenth Five-Year" Development Guidance for the Chemical Fiber Industry puts forward efforts to improve the research and development level of a variety of conventional chemical fiber modification technologies and new products, focusing on improving the flame retardant, antibacterial and chemical resistance of conventional fibers such as polyester, nylon, and regenerated cellulose fibers , Anti-ultraviolet and other properties, improve functionality and the proportion of differentiated fiber varieties. The continuous introduction of industrial policies has pointed out the general direction of future development for enterprises in the industry, and will also support the better and faster development of my country's chemical fiber industry.

  2. The application field continues to expand

At present, although the traditional textile industry in major developed countries continues to shrink, the development of industrial textiles is strong. The processing volume of industrial textiles in the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries all account for more than 40%, while my country's textile fibers are still mainly used. In 2019, the fiber processing volume of my country's industrial textiles accounted for 27.22% of the total chemical fiber processing, and there is a large room for growth. In the future, industrial textiles will become a new and powerful growth point for the development of the chemical fiber industry, and become one of the important signs to promote industrial restructuring, upgrading and enhancing core competitiveness. According to the United Nations forecast, by 2050, the global textile fiber processing volume will reach 253 million tons, of which industrial textile fibers will account for 67.4%.

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